How's our new theme?

Jen and I have been working on updating the FOSB website. Our goal is to build off the wonderful work that Robin Lofstrom did in creating the site and try to make it easier for a parent to get information about all the things they and their children can participate in, help with, and or contribute to. You’ll see 4 main menus to start from:

  • Activities – Things you can participate in like WEP, drama, and after school programs.
  • Community – Things that you can join and help with like the garden committee and legislative advocacy.
  • Fundraising – Ways to donate to the school.
  • PTO – Things particular to our Parent Teacher Organization.

It’s our intention to use “posts” rather than “pages” going forward. This is a work in progress and we’ll continue to refine the organization. Most of the existing pages are still available but may or may not be linked up yet. Please let us know if you see something vital missing and or if you have a suggestion.
Scott and Jen