What to Expect at Auditions

We are beginning a new system of casting that begins with grade level and then is influenced by the student’s individual interest, commitment, and readiness. Our hope is that this will better support students developmentally, as well as providing us crucial information to help us differentiate more carefully to students needs. Finally, we are hoping this new system will help students have realistic expectation for what kinds of roles they might be cast in.
Our after-school drama program is an educational theatre program. Produced by Salmon Bay’s Drama Committee and directed and taught by trained theatre professionals, our goal is to provide a learning opportunity that supports each actor’s development as a performer and a member of our cast. The primary goal is for every student to have a role that supports their growth, challenges them to excel, and is appropriate for their age, experience, endurance, and commitment level.
For this purpose, actors and their parents should think about their commitment level rather than which role they would like to play or whether they want a “lead role.” Students should ask themselves what level of responsibility they are prepared to take on, including how much time are you able to spend at rehearsals. Be honest with yourself about what you are ready for and what time commitment you can make, and be prepared to take on any role.
Theatre and acting are about trying out new ways of being; we are intentionally not asking for requests based on which character actors would like to play. Students should be prepared to try out any character. They should be assured that if it’s not a character that they were expecting, the director will be there to support them every step of the way. They should also be reminded that sometimes unexpected or unknown roles can be the most fun and exciting.
Just for fun Auditions will consist of group games and activities.
Medium Auditions will consist of sharing memorized material in small groups, with the option to perform for the whole group.
Serious Auditions will consist of performing memorized materials alone on stage.
Student Assistant Director Auditions will consist of performing memorized materials alone on stage and a one-on-one director interview.
Tech Roles will meet during auditions to begin planning for the first week of rehearsals. Tech is first come first serve to sign up.