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K-5 Play: It Came From the Pet Shop

Directed by Amy Jurkiewicz, Stephanie Couturier, and Tara Kaine.
Show Week Updates:

Heads up on this very important information for next week.
1. We don’t have enough volunteers signed up for next week!
– If we don’t get the spots filled we can’t put the shows or dress rehearsals on  in a way that is safe or fun for the kids. 
– Obviously, that is not an options, so please sign up by Sunday. 
– If every child has a grownup sign up for at least one slot next week, we will be more than adequately staffed. 
Jobs that especially need to be filled:
– A costume lead on Saturday
– Costume Support on Tuesday and Shows
– Greenroom Support on Tuesday and Shows 
2. No more absences or late days. 
– Everyone is called Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 
– Here is a link to the schedule
3. Pick-up & sign out will be in the “Greenroom” hallway 
– From now on.
– Directly above the school lobby
4. Students should arrive to shows an hour early. 
– 6:00pm on Thursday/1:00pm on Saturday
– We will collect them from their classrooms on Friday.
5. Parents please arrive at your scheduled volunteer time. 
– This helps us deliver instructions and allow for set up time before the kids arrive. 
6. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the very diligent volunteers who helped us out over the last week – please remember that the costumes team are all parents. 
7. An even bigger THANK YOU for all the wonderful work your children have put into this show. It looks fantastic, and the kids seem so proud and ready to share it!

Important Documents:
OFF BOOK DAY – Monday, February 27th
Tech Week & Show – Volunteer Sign – Up 
Tech Week Schedule – Actors and Crew
Cast List and Volunteer Schedule
Pet Shop Calendar
It Came from the Pet Shop Official Script (1)
Show Details:
Info Night: December 5th @ 6pm in the Auditorium
Registration Deadline: December 14th
Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Jan 18th –  March 3rd
– Rehearsals include a very informal and fun audition process.
– During rehearsals we are happy to work around conflicts (i.e. if you                         can’t ever be at rehearsals on Fridays.) During TECH, you will be                             expected to skip other conflicts  – see below.
Tech Weeks: Monday to Friday, March 6th – March 15th
– You are expected to be available everyday – although you will                                      probably not be called everyday – It is expected you will skip other                            commitments for the play during this time.
– Thursday, March 16th @ 7pm
– Friday, March 17th @ 1:30pm (School Show)
– Saturday, March 18th @ 2pm
This incredibly funny, wacky, sci-fi comedy was written by our very own 4th – 6th grade writing class last spring.
If you believe in unicorns, or zombies, or adorable zombie unicorns, or that children can change the world. This story is for you. An epic adventure, there are a plethora of interesting and hilarious characters, some are pets and some are people, and some are … well we don’t know what they are. For those older students looking for a challenge, there are some really great complex villain with a heart of gold characters, and there will be a plethora of physical comedy. If you are just starting out, and you are dying to be an alligator on stage for your very first show… we can probably find a way to make that happen! Sign up now for this scary fun adventure, your in for the ride of your life!