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December 2016 Meeting Agenda

Friends of Salmon Bay Board Meeting
December 1, 2016 (off site at Danielle’s house)

Time Item Leader Notes
7:00-7:05 Introduction Scott/Danielle
7:05-7:15 By-Law Updates  Dan
7:15-7:20 Volunteer Coordinator Jodi
7:20-7:25 Committee Updates
7:25-7:30 Wrap up/Votes
7:30-9:00 Auction Kick-off

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 12th, 2017
For those new to FOSB thanks for coming. FOSB arose from the formation of Salmon Bay K-8. The existing PTA (middle school) and PTO (elementary school) joined as a PTO. Our bylaws, budget, and minutes are on the website ( FOSB is here to support the school and community. If you’d like to get more involved please consider being a Board member. Come see a co-chair after the meeting if you’re interested.
By-Law Updates

Dan Fiorito has several suggestions for cleaning up the wording in our by-laws to make them clearer and easier to understand.
Mostly finishing up CSIP (Continuous School Improvement Plans)
Committee Reports
ASP (After School Programs)
Monica Porter-Bohanan –
Winter ASP will start planning soon. Our mission is to offer programs that keep kids engaged and moving in fun and creative ways. Have an idea for a class? We would love to hear your thoughts!
Diversity Committee
Danielle Baer –
Multicultural Potluck on February 16th. Please join the committee in coming meetings to help shape and grow the event. This is a great way to grow cultural awareness and celebrate diversity at our school.
Although we don’t have a very racially/ethnically diverse school, we can help ensure our kids are learning about and understanding the importance of bias and institutional racism in a way that is age-appropriate. Our teachers and school administration try to integrate these ideas in the classroom, but we can also explore more ways to bring this conversation to the parent community. If you have ideas please share them as a part of Diversity Committee and PIE.
PIE (Parent Information Exchange)
Michelle Pearson –
Here are a few ideas with tentative dates:

  • Families of Color Seattle anti-racism workshop (Danielle Baer coordinating) possibly January.
  • Mindfulness for Parents workshop with Jeannie Cziezla and Andrea, possibly February.
  • Youth Wilderness Rites of Passage workshop (Anne Siems coordinating) possibly March.
  • Movies:
  • Self-Defense/Bystander training — Maria Gutierrez is working on this training which will probably end up running through ASB

Rock for FOSB
Kim Laton –
Rock for FOSB will be Sunday, 1/29/17 @ the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Doors will be at 5pm, Show starts at 6pm.
Band Line up is as follows:

  • Jeff Fielder (opener)
  • Stereo Embers (middle slot and played 2015)
  • The Tripwires (headlining and played 2015)

Jeff Fielder is one of Seattle’s most sought after guitar players. He’s played with Flight to Mars, Star Anna, Sera Cahoone, Amy Ray (from the Indigo Girls) and many, many more. Over the last couple of years, he’s teamed up with Mark Lanegan for some U.S. and European touring. Jeff is also a world class visual artist.
Based in Seattle, Washington, Stereo Embers make music that while fresh and new is also immediately familiar, accessible, and determined. Stereo Embers features the talents of singer/ songwriter Robb Benson, lead guitarist Tim Dijulio, bass guitarist Ben Brunn, and drummer Cassady Laton.
Seattle’s The Tripwires are sitting on a goldmine- four time tested, plucky vets of the Seattle “Big Beat” situation. Way back in 2006; John Ramberg, voice and guitar for The Model Rockets and The Minus 5 managed to corral the incomparable Sangster brothers for a blistering new rock’n’roll combination.
Jim Sangster holds down the thunderbroom (and How!) in the legendary Young Fresh Fellows, and also served mightily behind the regular guitar with The Picketts. Brother Johnny, ear popping lead guitarist, formerly with European fist pumpers The Sharing Patrol among many others, moved back stateside in the late nineties and began an illustrious career as a recordist. Friend and fellow groover Mark Pickerel, he of The Screaming Trees, came along on traps, much to their delight.
Two fine albums followed, “Makes You Look Around” released in 2007 on the Paisley Pop label, and 2010’s “House To House” on Spark and Shine. The band has graced many a beer soaked northwest stage, never failing to share their special brand of “get high” with the delighted throngs.
2012 brought a new wrinkle into the band’s workshirts. After parting amicably with the impeccable Pickerel, the combo lucked into a new skinsman; none other than the great Dan Peters of Seattle fuzz royalty Mudhoney. Still having a blast and sounding ship shape as ever, The Tripwires are ready to roll you.
Scott Koch –
Ian Whyte –
2017 Legislative Focus Day
Monday, January 16, 2017
As noted in an email from the District today, if the Legislature does not renew Seattle’s capacity to use voter approved levy dollars the District will have a major shortfall in funding and institute major layoffs. This is a bigger part of the McCleary decision and the state figuring out how to adequately fund public schools.
Education Related Election results:

  • Ds pick up one net State Senate seat and one net State House of Reps seat; Rs retain majority in state Senate, Dems retain majority in State House of Reps. Ds retain Governor position.
  • Chris Reykdal (D) has prevailed over Erin Jones (D) for Superintendent of Public Instruction, replacing retiring Randy Dorn (D)
  • McCleary decision, pro-public education funding, anti-public funding for charter schools Supreme Court Justices were retained.
  • Opportunity for Olympia Initiative on college funding via income tax on wealthy qualified for ballot, and survived legal appeals, but ultimately failed by 3% of the vote in City of Olympia.
  • Pres-Elect Trump nominates pro-vouchers, pro-charter Betsy DeVos for federal Sect. of Ed.

Direct Giving
Mary Ullrich –
Amount Raised as of 11/28 – $73,557.00! We are officially passed the amount we made last year!
Congratulations to the Direct Giving team! Thanks for all the hard work.
For more information check out the Direct Giving website:
We’ve had a group of volunteers working on updating and improving the lobby and library using funds raised at our auction last year. These volunteers have done a great job and are ready to hand off the project to a new person or group. Ideally, the next person/persons to take over would have some sort of tie to the design industry so as to have the resources at hand that are needed.
We’re still working with Neil and Finance Committee on a FOSB contribution to improve stage area of auditorium. This will include a rear projection screen to replace the bed-sheet currently used (during Friday sing).