January 2017 Meeting Agenda

Friends of Salmon Bay Board Meeting
January 12, 2017

Time Item Leader Notes
7:00-7:05 Introduction Scott/Danielle
7:05-7:15 Teacher Update
7:15-7:23 Admin Update Neil/Darren
7:20-7:25 Volunteer Coordinator Jodi
7:25-7:30 BLT John
7:30-7:45 Committee Reports Please read below.
7:45-7:55 Votes 2 items, see below.
7:55-8:00 Wrap up


Next Meeting: Thursday, February 2, 2017


For those new to FOSB thanks for coming. FOSB arose from the formation of Salmon Bay K-8. The existing PTA (middle school) and PTO (elementary school) joined as a PTO. Our bylaws, budget, and minutes are on the website ( FOSB is here to support the school and community.  If you’d like to get more involved please consider being a Board member. Come see a co-chair after the meeting if you’re interested.

Annual Retreat

We’re seeking input on an annual retreat. We’re thinking about holding it in February and focusing on how to get more involvement from the community. Some of the long held programs and traditions at Salmon Bay are at risk of being lost because of lack of support from the community.


CSIP (Continuous School Improvement Plans) is complete:

Work Party

Thursday Jan. 26th we’re scheduling a work party to empty one of the shipping containers on the playground. We need 5-6 people to help empty and move some water containers.

Committee Reports

ASP (After School Programs)

Monica Porter-Bohanan –

Winter ASP will start planning soon. Our mission is to offer programs that keep kids engaged and moving in fun and creative ways. Have an idea for a class? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Budget Committee

Michele Bacon –

Shelley Rousseau –

Budget committee meetings are planned for the following Tuesdays:

February 21
February 28
March 7
March 14
April 18

Diversity Committee

Danielle Baer –

Jan. 16th – for Salmon Bay families not attending legislative advocacy day but looking for an opportunity to engage in activism, we will have a meet-up spot at the MLK Jr. March starting at Garfield High School to march together. Please contact Erin or Danielle with questions.

Multicultural Potluck on February 16th. Please join the committee in coming meetings to help shape and grow the event. This is a great way to grow cultural awareness and celebrate diversity at our school.

Date TBD – the Diversity and PIE Committees are jointly organizing a conversation on race and equity for sometime in early March.  The evening event will be led by two trainers from Families of Color Seattle. In this workshop participants focus on how families can talk about racial identity and racism with their children. We will explore systemic racism and parents’s own understanding of their racial identity, power, privilege and oppression.

PIE (Parent Information Exchange)

Michelle Pearson  –

Here are a few ideas with tentative dates:

  • Families of Color Seattle anti-racism workshop (Danielle Baer coordinating) possibly January.
  • Mindfulness for Parents workshop with Jeannie Cziezla and Andrea, possibly February.
  • Youth Wilderness Rites of Passage workshop (Anne Siems coordinating) possibly March.
  • Movies:
  • Self-Defense/Bystander training — Maria Gutierrez is working on this training which will probably end up running through ASB

Rock for FOSB

Kim Laton –

Rock for FOSB will be Sunday, 1/29/17 @ the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Doors will be at 5pm, show starts at 6pm.
Band Line up is as follows:

  • Jeff Fielder (opener)
  • Stereo Embers (middle slot and played 2015)
  • The Tripwires (headlining and played 2015)

Last year’s “Rock for FOSB” sold out. Purchase your ticket now at this link. Invite your friends! At $15 for an evening of live music, it’s a steal.

Scott Koch –
Ian Whyte –

2017 Legislative Focus Day
Monday, January 16, 2017

Seattle Public Schools are facing a budget crisis with a looming levy cliff. The State has given school districts all across Washington a double whammy this year. They have failed to fully fund basic education as originally promised by the start of 2018 (i.e. the 2017-18 school year) AND, through further legislative inaction, the amount that local districts can collect from local “operations” levies is being reduced by the start of 2018. As a result, the Seattle School District is facing an estimated $74 million shortfall for school year 2017-18.

If you disagree with cuts, you can contact your representative or email the Governor. However, the legislators who have blocked additional funding live outside of Seattle and are part of the Majority Coalition in the Senate. If you want to make your voice heard, you can find their contact information here.

Join other Salmon Bay families and teachers at PTA Focus Day in Olympia (Monday January 16, 2017) to show support for public education and the whole child.  Besides the chance to meet directly with your state representatives and network with other PTA advocates, there will be a rally on the steps at 10:30 that is co-hosted by WSPTA many of our education funding allies including the Washington Education Association, NAACP, Washington’s Paramount Duty and others.

Agenda found here:

Contact Scott Koch at for more information and carpooling opportunities.

Direct Giving
Mary Ullrich  –
Amount Raised was over 75K!

Congratulations to the Direct Giving team! Thanks for all the hard work.

We’ve had a group of volunteers working on updating and improving the lobby and library using funds raised at our auction last year. These volunteers have done a great job and are ready to hand off the project to a new person or group. Ideally, the next person/persons to take over would have some sort of tie to the design industry so as to have the resources at hand that are needed.


  • Stage Improvements $7,000

The project to improve stage area of auditorium will cost roughly $10,000. FOSB has the money and this is a great way to improve Friday sing, stage production, and other community events in the space. This will include a rear projection screen to replace the bed-sheet currently used (during Friday sing). We propose FOSB contribute $7,000 to towards this project. Neil will cover the additional costs.

  • ASB Self Defense Class $400.