March 2017 Meeting Agenda

Friends of Salmon Bay Board Meeting

March 9, 2017

Time Item Leader Notes
7:30-7:40 Introduction Danielle  
7:40-7:50 Teacher Update Brian/Megan  
7:50-8:05 Admin Update Neil/Darren  
8:05-8:15 Budget Vote Part 1 Michele  
8:15-8:25 Volunteer Coordinator Jodi  
8:25-8:30 BLT John  
8:30-8:40 Committee Reports    
8:40-8:55 Votes    
8:55-9:00 Wrap up    

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 20, 2017
For those new to FOSB thanks for coming. FOSB arose from the formation of Salmon Bay K-8. The existing PTA (middle school) and PTO (elementary school) joined as a PTO. Our bylaws, budget, and minutes are on the website ( FOSB is here to support the school and community.  If you’d like to get more involved please consider being a Board member. Come see a co-chair after the meeting if you’re interested.
Rock For FOSB
Special thanks to Kim Laton for another very successful Rock for FOSB. There was a great crowd and we had a lot fun at the Tractor this year. We raised over $2,000 for Salmon Bay in the process. Thanks again Kim for all of your hard work!
New Leadership
We will be having several positions opening up next year and we need to fill them. Please consider taking on one of these roles to help our community continue to grow. We will need a middle school co-chair to join Scott.
Budget Vote
Whole Child Support Fund (Budget Part 1) $115,000
This is a grant FOSB provides to the school to supplement its budget. The school budget gets finalized at the end of March so our contribution must be voted on and approved now. It’s primarily used to increase staffing. The exact staffing often changes depending on what the District provides and current needs at Salmon Bay. School administrators can provide more detail.
Committee Reports
ASP (After School Programs)
Monica Porter-Bohanan –
We hope parents check out the spring after school line up, with some fantastic new classes that include a few great options for middle school! There are plenty of our students that participate in sports at Salmon Bay and throughout the community. What better way to ensure they are building a strong body than to sign them up for Yoga for Athletes (gr 6-8).
Also for our older students, Beam experiences is bringing Robotics (gr 5-8) to our schedule using LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 technology. All kinds of awesome robots can be built in this class!
Don’t forget to check out the two dance options this spring! Metropolis Dance has been a fantastic addition this year and they will be offering both a Hip Hop class and a Break Dance class to help your student burn off some energy after school!
Of course we have our returning favorites Creative Coding, Ukulele, and Art Survey plus we can keep your little ones occupied a bit longer on early dismissal days (Mar 22nd and May 10th)!
Sign up link:
It is amazing how fast this year is going, and these spring sessions will take us right up until the last few weeks of school! If you have any ideas for future classes, we would love to hear about them. Just email us at:
Erica Topel
Things are coming together but there’s still an enormous amount of work to do. Please contribute what you can and bring in your old prom photo!
Budget Committee
Michele Bacon –
Shelley Rousseau –
Committee has preliminary committee budgets for next year. Please see vote above on the Whole Child fund. This grant is factored into the school budget and must be voted on at the March meeting. Other portions of the budget will be voted on in April.
March 21
April 18
Diversity Committee
Danielle Baer –
Next year, diversity committee plans to have a bigger multicultural event and hopefully work closer with some of the school staff on that, and hold one to two educational event/conversations around diversity and equity issues with the parent/school community.
PIE (Parent Information Exchange)
Michelle Pearson  –
Thanks to everyone (60+people) — dads, moms, couples, grandparents, and caregivers — who came to our Mindfulness Workshops presented by FOSB PIE committee in February.
Next event: Undoing Racism is Monday 3/20 7:00p Salmon Bay School.
Then a presentation about Rites of Passage for teens this spring.
Rock for FOSB
Kim had done a fantastic job for the last 2 years and is ready to handoff to a new organizer. Have a cool idea for Rock for FOSB? Come make it happen. Kim can help get you going. Please contact Scott or Danielle if you’re interested.
Scott Koch –
Ian Whyte –
Looks like we’re heading over the cliff is some fashion. Large school districts start their budgeting early and are affected more heavily by the lack of a levy solution. The Senate failed to pass (SHB 1059) out of committee on March 1st so SPS will be factoring in the loss of levy dollars. This will likely mean class sizes going up for K-3 among other things. Some links for more info:
Direct Giving
Mary Ullrich  –
There will be a 2017 DGC planning meeting in March.
We’ve had a group of volunteers working on updating and improving the lobby and library using funds raised at our auction last year. These volunteers have done a great job and are ready to hand off the project to a new person or group. Ideally, the next person/persons to take over would have some sort of tie to the design industry so as to have the resources at hand that are needed.

  • Additional Funding PIE $400
    • We still have $50 left in our 2017 budget. Here are additional needs we are requesting from FOSB:
    • Childcare for diversity talk: $75
    • Childcare for rites of passage talk: $75
    • Snacks, tea, name tags for 2 mindfulness events: $50
    • Pagliacci Pizza before rites of passage event: $250
      10 pizzas expecting 50 people
  • Diversity Committee $300
    • Additional funds for diversity committee event on March 20.
  • Additional Funding Auction
    • North Seattle CC venue rental has gone up by $1000.