November FOSB Meeting

The November meeting is where we add new FOSB Directors. Being a Director is easy, fun, and a great way to connect with the school. We ask that you try to make as many meetings as possible and volunteer on committees/ other events when time permits. Take a moment and think about what makes Salmon Bay special. A lot of those special things depend on a vibrant and involved community. Consider joining FOSB and helping create and continue those events and traditions.
FOSB has some unspent funds from years past so we’re reconstituting “mini grants” for small and medium size projects at the school. Mini grants are a great way for teachers to upgrade equipment, get training, and or incubate and develop new programs at the school. Come hear about the process and help promote this fun program.

Do you have ideas about after school programs? We’re looking for someone to join our after school programming team. If you’re interested in learning about building the brochure and booking classes for our after school programs please email Monica.
We are seeking a new coordinator to plan our Rock for FOSB event. Like music? Like supporting Salmon Bay? This could be the perfect volunteer job for you!

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