January Meeting

As we enjoy winter break, FOSB (Friends of Salmon Bay) would like to extend a giant thank you to this fabulous community. Thank you so much for volunteering with the events like the Lantern Festival and in classrooms, chaperoning field trips and camp, organizing grants for teachers and after school programs, planning our auction, and so much more. With collaboration between students, parents and caregivers, teachers, administration, and the community, we are nurturing and empowering our children every day. Thank you for each brilliant act and thought that comes together to create a kind, respectful, and safe school! Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy, and abundant vacation.
Join us at the next meeting, January 11th (7-8p in the library). We’ll be hearing about WEP and the auction. If you have questions or ideas let us know!

Do you have ideas about after school programs? We’re looking for someone to join our after school programming team. If you’re interested in learning about building the brochure and booking classes for our after school programs please email Monica.

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