FOSB 2022-2023 Officers and Directors

Updated January 8, 2023

At FOSB’s May 2022 membership meeting, we voted to approve a slate of FOSB officers and directors for the 2022-2023 school year. Additional officers (as noted) were voted in during our November and December board meetings.


  • Elementary Co-Chair: Jackie Thai
  • Middle School Co-Chair: Caitlin Collins* (elected at the September 2022 board meeting)
  • Elementary Treasurer: Brian LeBlanc
  • Middle School Treasurer: Samsy (Samsara) Martin-Gray
  • Secretary: Melissa Carthum


  • Andrea Althauser
  • Melissa Amrhein
  • Jaqueline Anderson* (added to the board in November)
  • Heather Darval*
  • Elijah Driscoll* (added to the board in November)
  • Karen Morse* (added to the board in November)
  • Shelby Reynolds
  • Shannon Robinson* (added to the board in December)
  • Erin Rosenberg* (added to the board in November)
  • Julie Schneider
  • Jessica Timins Greenberg
  • Rebecca Trlica*
  • Tracy Wilson
  • Liila Woods*

*New director/officer this year

Thank you all for stepping up your involvement with FOSB! If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact