There are a variety of activities children and parents can participate in at Salmon Bay. Below is a list of the current programs.

After School Drama

The Drama program at Salmon Bay offers a wonderful experience for all ages to participate in acting and theater. This program is one of the most popular at the school and has lots of options to fit age, experience, endurance, and commitment level.

PIE (Parent Information Exchange)

PIE is a group that host speakers, sponsors book groups, organized family board game nights as well as many other events to inform and engage with the Salmon Bay community.


During the school year, your child will participate in field trips, artist-in-residence programs, camps or special class projects. Instead of asking for payment each time one of these activities takes place, we ask parents to pay one combined fee at the beginning of the school year. This fee is called the enrichment fee.

WEP (Winter Enrichment Program)

WEP is a series of off-site programs offered over the winter. These programs have included rowing, jewelry making, various northwest themed exploration, and (the very popular) skiing and snowboarding.

After School Programs

There are a variety of before and after school programs offered during the year. From Chess Club to Spanish Immersion to Art Workshop there’s something for everyone.