Fundraising committee

The fundraising committee is a new committee that needs your expertise and help as we pursue our fundraising goals.
Our fundraising principles (adopted in 2010 and amended in 2014), are below:

  1. The adults are primarily responsible for fundraising, not the students.
  2. Typically, parent-driven fundraising activities raise income for FOSB’s general fund, not for specific committees or activities.  Exceptions are most likely to arise when fundraising for capital projects, needing funds for projects or activities that FOSB’s general fund is unable to cover, or in the case of #3, below.
  3. We will generally support efforts by the teaching/administrative staff who want to work with involved students to raise funds for a specific activity. We anticipate that this is more likely to occur for middle-school aged students who are involved in a supplemental activity such as a sport, or who may choose to engage in fund-raising for a cause.
  4. When possible, fundraising appeals should be spaced over time. FOSB should exercise some oversight to avoid if possible the overlap of funding appeals and to make sure the fundraising appeal is consistent with the Salmon Bay mission, vision, and values.
  5. New fundraising activities should be review/approved by school administration, FOSB, and ASB if appropriate.
  6. If using a targeted fundraising technique, it is our principle to use “suggested donation” language as opposed to set fees in order to remain inclusive.
  7. We recognize that there can be exceptional circumstances that arise in a given year. In such cases, we will be flexible and keep in mind our overarching goal of supporting the best possible school environment for our students.

FOSB’s budget helps close the gap between programming the district funds and the programming we want our students to have. Like most public schools, Salmon Bay asks parents to contribute financially. This year, FOSB’s budget is $195,978
Our annual budget includes funding for:

  • Mary K’s music program and Friday Sing
  • One Volunteer Coordinator’s salary
  • Additional counselor hours
  • Teacher grants
  • Art supplies
  • Technology
  • Augmented art and music staff
  • Library funds
  • Parent education speakers
  • Physical education equipment

FOSB organizes two major fundraisers each year:

  • Direct Giving: In October, we will ask you to give generously to the school. Gifts made through this campaign are fully tax deductible and eligible for employer matching.
  • Annual Auction: This year’s auction is April 2nd, 2016. This event is the one time our entire parent community gathers to celebrate our school, so mark your calendars now. Most auction donations also are eligible for employer matching.

We want you to know about these two initiatives now so you can include Salmon Bay in your family’s budget and charitable giving plans. We generate nearly 75 percent of our annual income through direct giving and the auction, and supplement them with smaller events and these ongoing fundraising activities:

  • Ballard Market Receipts: Salmon Bay receives 1 percent of all purchases, which adds up fast. Turn in your receipts to the Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Box Tops: Add them to the [box] in the Volunteer Coordinators’ office.
  • Loyalty Programs: Friends of Salmon Bay is an eligible recipient for AmazonSmile, Target REDcard, Fred Meyer Community Rewards, and most other loyalty programs.

Enrichment and Camp Fees
One thing that makes Salmon Bay School special is the number of enriching, out-of-classroom experiences we provide students. The FOSB fundraising efforts described above support school-wide investments; student-specific enrichment and camp fees are funded separately by individual families.

  • Late this month, Elementary parents will be asked to pay an enrichment fee that covers field trips, classroom projects, and camp.
  • Middle school parents pay for camp in the fall and for their student’s selected Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) activity in the winter.

Enrichment and camp fees are separate from FOSB’s budget and are not considered charitable giving. With generous support of our fundraising efforts, however, FOSB provides scholarships to ensure camp and enrichment activities are part of every student’s experience, regardless of financial circumstances.
We hope this is a helpful heads up about finances at Salmon Bay. At the September 17th FOSB meeting, we will deliver a budget overview, but feel free to contact us with questions any time.
Here’s to a great school year!
Caitlin Racey and Michele Bacon
Treasurers, Friends of Salmon Bay