Greater Seattle Education Town Hall

The Greater Seattle Education Town Hall took place on Saturday, 21 March 2015 in the Nathan Hale HIgh School gym. The event, sponsored by the Washingon Ecucation Association, was attended by several Salmon Bay teachers and parents.
LegCom’s takeaways include:

  • The Legislature has suspended voter-approved salary COLAs for school employees for six years straight. Educators have lost 12 percent in buying power.
  • Teacher health care plan are abysmal. The Legislature has not increased K-12 employee health care funding for the last five years, yet healthcare costs have risen considerably. As a result, educators are paying more out of pocket, and in many cases, their take home pay has decreased. Increased pension contributions also are reducing net pay.
  • Teacher pensions continue to be at risk of being underfunded. COLA suspended for pensions.