Ongoing Activities

Fix State Funding Now

Based on its own testimony in the McCleary Decision, the amount with which the State of Washington should be funding Salmon Bay for the current school year is over $1,000,000 less than what it should be.
Absent our input, during the upcoming legislative session, state legislators will hear more about transportation and special interest tax breaks than they will about fixing education funding. We can and will change this. Start by emailing your legislators.

Contact your Legislators

Although this sounds insignificant, we’ve heard from several representatives that they don’t get a lot of email from public school parents. It makes a big difference..
Find Your Legislator and tell them you want ample funding!

Contact other Legislators who influence education funding

Senator Steve Litzow

Republican Steve Litzow is the chair of the Early Learning and K-12 Education committee. Use this form to email Senator Litzow.

Senator Rosemary McAuliffe

Rosemary McAuliffe is the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee. Use the form on this page to email Senator McAuliffe.