FOSB Officer Job Descriptions

Officers are members of FOSB who also serve as directors and hold specific positions in FOSB’s governance, as follows:


Serves as chief executive officer on the board of directors, as spokesperson for the board, and as an advocate for families, students, and staff.

  • Attends and facilitates monthly FOSB meetings.
  • Sets agendas that are topical, timely, and meaningful to the broad range of FOSB’s membership, often in conjunction with directors, administration, and staff.
  • Objectively facilitates (or designates a suitable facilitator for) meetings and discussions.
  • Promotes and exemplifies goodwill and inclusivity, looking to encourage and develop leadership and leadership opportunities for others.
  • Actively seeks ways for staff, administration, and FOSB to work in partnership to advance our shared purposes, and assists committees or for projects as needed.
  • Works collaboratively and communicates regularly with FOSB officers and directors, including administration. Responds to member concerns and welcomes conversations via email, phone, or in person.
  • Ensures that planning is in place to help decisions be deliberative and thoughtful, coordinating or providing handouts to help facilitate discussions.
  • Shares duties with co-chair in an agreed-to manner, providing a sense of continuity and modeling good governance.
  • Time commitment: 6–8 hours weekly, with additional time for board meetings and other events from time to time.

FOSB Secretary

Serves as officer to the board of directors, attending all regular board meetings to provide complete and substantive meeting minutes.

  • Posts minutes on school website by one week after the meeting.
  • Maintains the board roster, and ensures that policies, procedures, and bylaws are available on the website.
  • Updates and maintains current policies and bylaws, helping to ensure that the board is operating within its bylaws and following the policies and procedures it has set.
  • Time commitment: 6–7 hours per month.

FOSB Treasurer

Serve as officer to the board of directors, and attends all FOSB meetings.

  • Treasurers are volunteers who act as custodians of the funds collected through FOSB’s two main annual fundraisers (Direct Giving and the auction). 
  • Treasurers actively monitor the disbursement of funds for the current school year FOSB budget.
  • Treasurers work with FOSB, administration, and committee leads to finalize the FOSB budget for the next school year. 
  • Time commitment: 3-10 hours per month, plus monthly FOSB board meetings and Finance and Budget Committee meetings as necessary. 

There are two Co-Treasurers. One represents the elementary school and the other represents the middle school. The Co-Treasurers:

  • Inform the teachers and staff at the beginning of the school year what expenses can be reimbursed, what funds are available and how to receive reimbursement. 
  • Monitor the FOSB Treasurer email as well as the FOSB Treasurer inbox in the office for any submitted reimbursements or received invoice and submit them to the bookkeeper to be paid in a timely manner.
  • Inform the community through the “FOSB Budget 101” presentation at the October FOSB meeting about how funds are raised and what activities they are used for. 
  • Monitor the expenditures for the current school year and inform the community by providing monthly reports (Budget Vs. Actual reports) during FOSB Meetings and to the FOSB Executive Officers upon request.  
  • Chair the Finance and Budget Committee Meetings starting in January and to guide the creation of the FOSB budget for the upcoming school year.
  • Provide counsel regarding potential solutions for emerging financial issues.
  • Oversee the activities of and work in tandem with the third-party bookkeeper (see bookkeeper duties below).

Additional Treasurer Duties:

  • Signing & Delivering Checks: The Treasurers are responsible for signing the checks cut by the Bookkeeper and ensuring they are delivered.
  • Making Bank Deposits: The Treasurers deposit cash and checks received by FOSB into the correct bank accounts within 3-5 business days. Previously, the Bookkeeper handled depositing cash and checks in the FOSB bank accounts (currently Banner Bank). Due to the low volume of cash and checks currently being submitted to FOSB, the Treasurers will now scan checks (for record-keeping), deposit them in the correct accounts, and inform the Bookkeeper that they have done so.
  • Coordination with the Bookkeeper: The Treasurers are responsible for checking the FOSB Treasurer inbox at least twice a week for new correspondence, checks, or reimbursements. The Treasurers then arrange to physically hand over these items to the bookkeeper, who will take the necessary actions.
  • Onboarding New Treasurers: The outgoing Treasurer and Bookkeeper work to onboard the incoming Treasurer.

FOSB Bookkeeper

According to the FOSB Bylaws (Article 7, Section 8), FOSB must hire a third-party bookkeeper. 

Time commitment: 3-5 hours per month (more during tax and FOSB auction seasons).

Location: The preferred candidate should be located in or near North Seattle in order to facilitate transfer of materials between the Treasurers and the Bookkeeper.

The Bookkeeper: 

  • Manages the books by:
    • posting all transactions in accounting software, 
    • reconciling monthly statements from the bank and 3rd party sources such as School Pay, 
    • making necessary bank transfers
    • getting checks & forms signed, etc.
  • Pays the bills/cuts the checks: Invoices and reimbursements (including ones related to Fund-A-Need) received from teachers, staff and outside vendors should be paid within two weeks. The checks will be delivered on a regular cadence to be signed by the Treasurers. 
  • Keeps FOSB Officers informed: Provides monthly Budget vs. Actuals  to Treasurers
  • Renews current subscriptions: This also includes the liability insurance, software (financial and otherwise), website domain registration, etc.
  • Confirms bank deposits: The Bookkeeper enters and confirms cash/check deposits made at the bank by the Treasurers.
  • Prepares and files all necessary city, state, and federal tax forms including 1099 forms, business licenses, the federal form 990 (due 11/15) and state charity renewal (due 5/31). 
  • Manages matching funds accounts either online or via paper form submittal.
  • Manages Maestroweb for FOSB Auction: 
    • Setup for direct giving and record transactions in Quickbooks. 
    • Switches on Maestroweb for the FOSB Auction in January, works with the Auction Committee on setting up donations and reservations. 
    • Downloads database to desktop version for item numbering and upload to Text to Bid.
  • Manages Schoolpay: 
    • Sets up items for payment
    • Enters activity into Quickbooks as part of monthly reconciliation.
  • Activities (WEP, Camp, After-School):
    • Provides reports to FOSB on each activity. 
    • Closes out at the end of the year & updates fund balances. 
    • Provides an End- Of- Year Report to FOSB and staff.
  • Maintains records and files at the school accounting office.