FOSB fundraises to help close the rather large gap between the programming that is funded by the school district and the programming we want our students to have. And the way we do this is pretty unique to Salmon Bay School: We ask adults, not students, to fundraise. Unlike most public schools, our students never have to sell wrapping paper, popcorn, cookie dough, or anything else to friends and neighbors. (And parents don’t have to help sell their kids’ stuff either!) Instead, as caring adults we work together to fundraise in ways that enhance our kids’ educational experience.

Most of the money we raise for our school comes from two major fundraisers:

Here are some of the things that FOSB’s fundraising has helped to support:

  • A generous annual grant to Salmon Bay School that helps to close the gap in funding between what the district provides and what it costs to staff the school, purchase classroom supplies, and enhance curriculum  
  • Scholarships to ensure every student has access to our school’s unique programs, such as WEP (Winter Enrichment Program), camps for every grade level, and co-curricular field trips that extend classroom learning
  • Community building activities for students and families
  • Committee work that fosters diversity, inclusion, and education within our school community
  • Yearbook for every elementary and middle school student
  • Friday Sing for elementary students
  • Playground equipment
  • PE equipment
  • Teacher mini-grants
  • Art, music, and drama supplies
  • Parent education presentations
  • Technology fixes and upgrades
  • and much more!

Take a look at our budget to learn more about how FOSB’s fundraising supports Salmon Bay School.

We also supplement our earnings through the following activities:

  • Smaller events like book fairs and Rock for FOSB
  • Everyday ways to give through online shopping and searching
  • Sales of school spirit merchandise, such as Salmon Bay School t-shirts and sweatshirts

Donations to FOSB are tax deductible.

Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Legal Name: Friends of Salmon Bay
Address: 1810 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117
Tax ID Number: 91-1622350

Do you have concerns about fundraising for a public school?

So do we! Join our Legislative Committee and help lobby our local and state legislators for more school funding.