Who powers FOSB? You do!

FOSB relies heavily on volunteers throughout the year to help with our school’s many events and activities. Here’s just a sampling of things that need your support:


  • Pizza on the Playground 
  • 6th Grade Camp
  • Halloween Parade  
  • Middle School Dance  
  • Book Fair
  • Direct Giving Campaign 


  • Annual Auction 
  • Book Fair
  • Science Fair
  • Social Justice Week
  • Art Walk/Multicultural Potluck
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Elementary Camp
  • 7th & and 8th Grade Camp
  • Field Day
  • 5th & 8th Grade Promotions


  • Winter Enrichment Program (WEP)
  • Lantern Festival
  • School Tours
  • Pi Night

You’ll find events sponsored by FOSB on our event calendar. For school-sponsored events, read the Weekly Bulletin email. 

If you have a particular interest or passion, we have a place for you to share your time and talents. Please contact our school’s volunteer coordinator for more information.

Volunteering at School

If you want to volunteer at school or in any way that requires direct contact with students, you must complete the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Volunteer Application process.

  1. Review the step-by-step directions for volunteering.
  2. Complete online training – Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children and Youth.
  3. Review the volunteer handbook.
  4. Complete the volunteer application (includes background check).
  5. Receive school approval before volunteering.

Submit your SPS Volunteer Application and all required documents at least two weeks before your expected volunteer service start date. 

Once you are approved as a volunteer in the online system, your application materials will stay active for as long as you volunteer with any SPS school. Background checks must be repeated every two years.

If you volunteered with SPS since September 2018, your volunteer application may already be on file. Refer to the Current & Returning Volunteers page on the SPS website.

For any questions about volunteering at school, contact the volunteer coordinator.