Officers & Directors


Salmon Bay parents, guardians, and teachers are automatically FOSB members, with a full voice and vote on matters that come before us. There is no paperwork to complete and no dues to pay. If you have a student at Salmon Bay, you’re a FOSB member!


Beyond membership, FOSB also provides opportunities to increase your involvement with our organization by electing directors. Directors, as members of FOSB’s board, are trustees of FOSB and are responsible for oversight of all FOSB activities, especially those involving the organization’s governance and finances. If the membership cannot reach consensus on a matter requiring action, then directors will vote. We ask directors to attend most if not all FOSB board meetings for this reason.

The difference between being a member and being a director is that directors have the responsibility of voting if consensus cannot be reached by the membership.

Directors are elected twice each school year (November and May). FOSB can have up to 20 directors exclusive of FOSB officers and staff representatives.


FOSB officers are elected at our May annual membership meeting and are considered part of FOSB’s board of directors. Officers include:

  • Two co-chairs (one for elementary, one for middle school), who preside over FOSB meetings and lead the board.
  • A secretary, who keeps the minutes of FOSB meetings and maintains other FOSB records.
  • Two treasurers (one for elementary, one for middle school), who supervise a bookkeeper hired by FOSB and oversee FOSB’s budget and financial reports.

Let us know if you’re interested in becoming a director or officer!

Here’s the current list of FOSB officers and directors.

Building Leadership Team (BLT) representatives

Separate from parent/teacher organizations like FOSB, each Seattle public school has a Building Leadership Team (BLT). Although not required, Salmon Bay feels strongly that all parts of the community should be represented. The teachers’ contract defines the BLT in this way:

“The primary function of the BLT is to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision–making process which affects academic achievement and to identify how to support the needs of students and staff in buildings. The more specific responsibilities of the BLT are to oversee the facilitation and development of a Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), including the configuration and structure of the school’s classes and/or program offerings; a school–wide professional development plan to support the CSIP; and the school’s budget.”

  • At Salmon Bay, the BLT meets 2–3 times each month before school.
  • Each parent representative (currently, one for elementary school and one for middle school) serves as a conduit of communication between parents and the BLT.
  • BLT representatives must be able to represent the larger community that includes a wide range of ideas. The key word is “representative.”
  • BLT representatives must be comfortable with respecting confidentiality when matters requiring it arise.
  • In addition, at least one of the two BLT reps should attend the monthly FOSB meetings to provide a brief update on BLT matters.
  • Any openings on the BLT will be communicated in the Weekly Bulletin or through other administration updates.

Click here to learn more about Salmon Bay’s BLT.