Committees & Activities

FOSB is 100% volunteer powered, and most of the work we do happens through our committees. Whether you volunteer at one event or take on a lead role for the whole school year, FOSB committees are a great way to get involved.

After-School Programs Committee: Offers a variety of before- and after-school programs for students during the school year.
Contact: Katie Ford, Chrissy Crowell

The After-School Theatre Committee: Creates, produces and supports the after-school theatre program at Salmon Bay, including an assortment of plays, classes, and other opportunities. Lots of options to fit age, experience, endurance, and commitment level.
Contact: Melissa Mock,

Auction Committee: Plans, organizes, and executes FOSB’s annual spring auction, one of FOSB’s two main fundraisers each year.
Contact: Auction Chair, Shelby Benny Reynolds

Community Engagement Committee: The Salmon Bay Community and Engagement Committee is a 1-year (2023-24) ad-hoc committee. To align lived experiences, the school vision, and the FOSB equity statement, we are engaging in a series of conversations to identify what community means at Salmon Bay. These conversations will inform proposed action steps for the coming 1 – 2 years. To get involved: Contact Erin Dury ( or Liz Hunter ( 

Bike/Walk to School Committee: Works to increase the number of families walking and biking to school and plans Bike to School Month activities each May.
Contact: Heather Darval

Building Community Initiative: An intentional approach to foster inclusivity, create friendships, and build family connections within Salmon Bay School. We welcome new families and want to support parents in becoming active participants in giving all students a sense of belonging in a village of caring adults.
Cohort Leaders: Jacqueline Anderson, grades K-2; Liila Woods, grades 3-5; Jackie Thai, grades 6-8

Direct Giving Committee: Organizes, plans, and executes FOSB’s fall Direct Giving campaign, one of our two main fundraisers.
Contacts: Caitlin Collins, Liila Woods

EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee: Aims to promote and foster an environment that is respectful and affirming of all students, families and staff, and reflects our commitment to issues of racial and social justice, acceptance, and tolerance.
Contact: Melissa Amhrein

Families of Color Committee: (Sumi Bhat-Kincaid is coordinating the efforts to find someone to chair this committee. If you are interested, please reach out to Sumi: Exists to uplift, support, and benefit students, parents/caregivers, and families of color both in the Salmon Bay K-8 school community and within the Seattle school district at large. Our committee creates safe spaces for families of color to connect with one another.

Finance Committee: Oversees the operating budget for FOSB and makes budget recommendations.
Contact: Brian LeBlanc (elementary treasurer) and Julie Carr (middle school treasurer),

Funding Equity Committee: There is a PTA alliance: CANSSPA (Central and North Seattle Schools PTA Alliance), and a number of PTAs in north and central Seattle are members (including Loyal Heights and West Woodland). More info can be found here: FOSB is exploring participation in this group as continuation of the work done by the temporary Funding Equity Committee during the 2018-2019 school year.
Contact: Christine Miller and Niamh Ward

Gardening Committee: Maintains and improves our school grounds through four to five family-friendly work parties on various Saturdays throughout the year.
Contacts: Jenny Melnick and Erin Rosenberg,

Legislative Committee: Helps parents stay apprised of legislative issues in public education at the local, state, and national level.
Contact: Beth Day

PIE (Parent Information Exchange) Committee: Sponsors parent education events throughout the year, including guest speakers on topics of interest, film/documentary screenings, panel events, and more. The committee also maintains a parent library cart in the school’s front lobby. The PIE committee has gathered these online resources to share with the community.
Contact: Cindy Goering and Dawn Grace,

Rock for FOSB Committee: Organizes a fun annual event for parents to hang out together and hear music played by teachers and parents.
Contact: Matt Carthum ( and Elijah Driscol (

Family/Student Learning Support Committee: In recognition of all the learners in our community, we’ve made a name change from Special Education and Disability (SED) Committee to Family/Student Learning Support Committee. The committee aims to create an environment of sharing and learning that is inclusive to all; to foster building bridges between the general and special education communities, that is respectful and affirming to our families, students and staff and reflects our commitment to creating more understanding and acceptance around disabilities and special education.
Contact: Minette Stewart,