FOSB Legislative Committee


  • To communicate the interests of public school students generally, and the Salmon Bay community specifically, to state and local legislators
  • To offer information about and promote awareness and discussion of political developments that affect public education, especially at Salmon Bay
  • To revive the concept of our government as the primary funds donor in primary and secondary education

Legislator Contact Information

These are the legislators for the 36th Legislative District, in whose boundaries Salmon Bay K-8 stands. If you live outside of the boundaries of the 36th district, please look up your legislators and their contact information using the Washington State Legislature’s District Finder tool:

State Senator Noel Frame
Phone: (206) 962-5098

State Representative Julia Reed
Phone: (360) 786-7814

State Representative Liz Berry
Email: Fill out the email form on Representative Berry’s website, or email her Legislative Assistant, Natalie Whitesel, directly at
Phone: (360) 786-7860