About FOSB

Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB, pronounced FOZZ-bee) is the parent/teacher organization for Salmon Bay K-8 School, a Seattle Public Schools option school in Ballard.

FOSB’s purpose is to support and supplement the educational environment established and overseen by the educators, staff members and administrators who teach and interact with the students of Salmon Bay School.

  • FOSB raises funds to fill programmatic gaps and works collaboratively with parents, staff and administration to develop a budget that benefits all students and helps us achieve our collective goals. 
  • FOSB recruits volunteers to assist in the classroom, support our enrichment programs, and fulfill the many needs of our community so that we continue to be a thriving school in which children grow and learn. 
  • FOSB works to ensure the collective parent voice is heard at school and within the district, and provides feedback to our staff and administration about issues that impact our students.
  • FOSB creates and strengthens community connections, provides opportunities for parent education, and helps build relationships between families and staff.

FOSB commits to being an anti-racist organization. Learn more here.

Donations to FOSB are tax deductible.
Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Legal Name: Friends of Salmon Bay
Address: 1810 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98117
Tax ID Number: 91-1622350

Committees & Activities
Whether you want to work on one event or take on a lead role for the year, FOSB committees are a great way to get involved with our school.

Meetings & Minutes
FOSB meets monthly during the school year. Come join the conversation!

FOSB helps close the gap between the programming that is funded by the school district and the programming we want our students to have. The way we do this is pretty unique to Salmon Bay School: We ask adults, not students, to fundraise.

FOSB is volunteer-powered. We rely on the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers to help with our school’s many events and activities.

Officers & Directors
If you have a student enrolled at Salmon Bay School, you’re automatically a FOSB member. No paperwork or dues are required. FOSB also provides opportunities to get more involved by electing directors and officers.

Budget & Bylaws
Like any organization, FOSB has paperwork. Read our bylaws, annual operating budgets, and more.

Learn about the history and background of Salmon Bay School, FOSB, and our building.

FOSB's purpose