Racial Equity Fund

About the Fund

FOSB has a line item in our budget to support programming that is aligned with FOSB’s commitment to anti-racism work. This work is not meant to be the stand alone work of one committee, but aims to touch all areas of FOSB, which is why this line item stands separately from committee work in the budget. Funds are an investment made as a response and accountability to the community of Salmon Bay to address the needs of those most directly impacted by racial injustices at Salmon Bay School. The use of funds are to provide programming decided on by community and student input for training, social events, and opportunities for community engagement.  The fund is facilitated by five community members (at least) with Cynthia Anderson mumtaz555@gmail.com acting as the chair of the committee. Please reach out to Cynthia if you’d like to be involved

2023-24 Racial Equity Fund – key dates:

September 30, 2023 – Fall proposals due

October 19, 2023 – Funding decisions presented at FOSB Board Meeting

January 31, 2024 – Winter proposals due

February 15, 2024 – Funding decisions presented at FOSB Board Meeting

April 30, 2024 – Spring proposals due

May 16, 2024 – Funding decisions presented at FOSB Board Meeting

The following is a summary of proposals funded by FOSB’s Racial Equity Fund.

2023-24 school year:

  • $2000 for Restorative Practices Training with Anita Morales, $500 of which funded the parent hour and the remaining $1500 went towards staff training ($2950 additional was funded by the school).

2022-23 school year:

  • $1321 for Equity books (“Leading Equity” by Dr. Sheldon Eakins) for teachers requested by Principal Dixon.
  • $1000 for BlkPATCH – a pilot program to provide culturally inclusive first aid kits and education on health access for marginalized SPS students starting with Rainier Beach with the goal of spreading to more schools, presented by Ifrah, a Rainier Beach alum.
  • $189 for books that were requested by the Students of Color committee, which was spent via the Families of Color Committee (FOCC). In 2022-23, $5000 REF money was moved to FOCC, making FOCC’s total available in 2022-23 $7600.
  • $7000 for School Logo*

*The school logo project is still in process so the funding also shows up on the 2023-24 FOSB Budget. This is in addition to the amount available for 2023-24 proposals.

2021-22 school year:

  • $122 for FOCC Pies in the Park kick-off