Winter Enrichment Program (WEP)

Whether you’re new to Salmon Bay or you’ve been around a while, you’ve probably heard about WEP!

WEP is Salmon Bay’s Winter Enrichment Program, where for six Fridays during the months of January, students enjoy six Fridays of fun enrichment opportunities during the winter season. For middle school, past WEP experiences have included snowboarding, skiing, rowing, ice skating, team sports, jewelry making, tours of Seattle, theater and more. In recent years, elementary students have gotten in on on the fun as well. With middle school students out of the building, our younger students have an opportunity to enjoy a WEP all their own within the walls of Salmon Bay.


All grade levels at Salmon Bay have the opportunity to experience education in an outdoor setting through our camp experience.

Elementary Enrichment Fee

During the school year, elementary students will participate in a variety of field trips and special projects, and we ask parents to pay one fee at the beginning of the school year to cover those costs.