Direct Giving

Our goal is to raise $75,000 by December 16, 2022 with 100% of families participating!

Here’s our progress to date:

Goal: Raise $75,000

Goal: 100% of families participating

Each fall, we invite Salmon Bay families to participate in our Direct Giving campaign, one of FOSB’s largest fundraisers of the year. Instead of asking you and yours to buy cookie dough, wrapping paper, or popcorn, we ask you to contribute directly to our efforts to support Salmon Bay School.

A donation in any amount is appreciated. With rising costs and the much-anticipated return of many of our signature programs and events this year, we need your help more than ever.

How to donate:

  • Donate online!
    (Please note: This website is used for both Direct Giving and our annual auction. If you visit the site and see auction content, our Direct Giving campaign has ended for the year.)
  • Donate by check: Write a check payable to FOSB and deliver it to the school office, or mail it to FOSB Direct Giving, c/o Salmon Bay School, 1810 NW 65th St, Seattle WA 98117.

How to make your donation go even further:

  • Ask your friends and family to donate: Send the donation link to others you think would be willing to support education at our school, in exchange for not having to buy any tubs of cookie dough.
  • Ask your employer to match your gift: If your employer matches charitable donations, it can double, triple, or even quadruple your contribution! Just follow your company’s process for requesting a matching gift. Contact your human resources department to learn more.  
    • Some of the companies that have contributed to FOSB through a matching gift program: Boeing, Nordstrom, BECU, Gates Foundation, Expedia, F5 Networks, Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Tableau, Netflix, Github
    • Not sure if your employer matches gifts? Check the UW’s search engine
    • Need help with employer matching? Contact our bookkeeper, Jerri Harden.

Donations to Friends of Salmon Bay are tax-deductible. FOSB’s tax ID is 91-1622350. 

Where your donation goes:

FOSB works with Salmon Bay School to close the ever-expanding gap between the programming that is funded by the school district and the support our students need. Your contribution to the Direct Giving campaign will be used during this school year to help FOSB support education at Salmon Bay with funding for staffing (counseling, elementary reading support, middle school math support, and more), education and community building events sponsored by FOSB committees, teacher grants, art and music programs, yearbooks for every student, scholarships to ensure every student can attend camp and participate in our popular Winter Enrichment Program, and much more.

Learn more about how FOSB fundraising supports Salmon Bay School.