Elementary Enrichment

During the school year, elementary students will participate in a variety of educational field trips, artist-in-residence programs, or other special class projects. Instead of asking for payment each time these activities take place, we ask parents to pay one fee at the beginning of the school year. This enrichment fee (aka field trip fee) allows our teachers to choose the programs, projects and events that can best enhance their curriculum and excite their class. Our elementary enrichment fee is $100 per student.

If you have any questions about enrichment fees, please contact the volunteer coordinator.

Paying the Enrichment Fee

Salmon Bay uses an online payment system, SchoolPay, that allows you to easily make and track payments throughout the year. SchoolPay is available through your student’s Source account.

  1. Visit The Source at https://ps.seattleschools.org/ and log into your account (or click Set Up if you’re a first-time visitor), then click SchoolPay in the left menu bar. Click here for instructions on how to access your student’s Source account and the SchoolPay system.
  2. From the main screen, you’ll see the payments available for the student(s) in your SchoolPay account. This SchoolPay flier may also be helpful.


No students miss out on opportunities to attend field trips due to financial circumstances. FOSB helps to fund field trip scholarships. To request a scholarship, please contact the volunteer coordinator or a school counselor.

Contributions to the scholarship fund are always welcome. You may add a scholarship donation to your online SchoolPay shopping cart to help other families.