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FOSB Budget 2023-2024

FOSB Budget 2022-2023

FOSB Budget 2021-2022

FOSB Budget 2020-2021

FOSB Budget vs Actuals 2019-2020 (Note: These budget actuals include income from the spring 2019 FOSB auction. We were under budget for expenses and needed those savings for the next school year because our spring 2020 FOSB auction was cancelled due to COVID-19.)

FOSB Budget 2019-2020

FOSB Budget 2018-2019

FOSB Budget 2017-2018

(missing FOSB budgets for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017)

FOSB Budget 2014-2015

FOSB Budget 2013-2014

FOSB Budget 2012-2013

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