About Us

After School Theatre Committee:
Co-Chairs: Natalie Merry and Holly Nochimson
Treasurer and Former Chair: Rebecca Trlica
Members: Paige Orthmeyer, Elijah Driscol, Melissa Mock

After School Theatre Coordinator: Elizabeth “Biz” Freebairn
Email: sbafterschooltheatre@gmail.com

What we do:

Our program includes multiple after school plays and several after school classes offered over the course of our school year. All after school theatre activities are organized and produced by our Theatre Committee, a group of highly-engaged parent volunteers, and receive the support of FOSB and the Administration.  Our committee is dedicated to bringing highly-skilled directors and teaching artists to work with the students of Salmon Bay. The committee works hard to ensure that decisions reflect the needs of the students, the parent body, and the school at large.

Salmon Bay After School Theatre Committee Mission Statement:

As an educational theatre program, our goal is to provide multiple, varied, meaningful, and differentiated opportunities for children at every grade level, while supporting and contributing to the Salmon Bay community at large.

In our programming, we strive to create a multi-age communities where students have the opportunity to learn from and support each other, to build leadership skills, and demonstrate initiative and independence in their learning. In all of our projects we aim to provide each student with an experience that honors their individual talents and creativity while differentiating to their age, experience, endurance, ability, and commitment level. We plan our classes and plays respecting students’ time, making every effort to ensure they have a voice, and are an integral part of the experience. We select our content and material with the larger community in mind, upholding the Salmon Bay culture of promoting understanding for multiple perspective, individuality, and difference.