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K-2 Creative Drama

For Kindergarten – Second Grade
– Taught by Amy Jurkiewicz
(Director of this year’s K-5 play)
– Wednesdays 3:15 – 4:30pm
– April 19th – June 7th
– Tuition $150
Click Here To Register 
– Registration Deadline, April 17th
A little art, a little movement, and a lot of drama! In this class, we will use our bodies, voices, and imaginations to play characters, travel to distant lands, and solve mysteries. Each week we will discover a clue that leads us to a recurring or brand new character and their specific problem or task. In an environment of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, the students will determine the trajectory and outcome of our stories as we journey as far as our imaginations will reach!

Middle School Play: Robin Hood

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Info Night:
Monday, February 27th
at 6:00pm in the Auditorium

Registration Deadline:  
March 15th 

March 20th – May 5th 
3:15 – 5:00pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

May 8th – 17th 
Monday – Friday
(Your child may not be called every day, but should make sure to be available).

May 18th at 7pm
May 19th at 1:30pm
May 19th at 7pm

Tuition: $150 per student (Cast & Crew)

This play is adapted by the Salmon Bay middle school playwriting class. It is funny and poignant and comes directly from the students. There are a wide variety of roles that promise, adventure, humor, romance, trickery, and drama. Come join us on Salmon Bay’s original adaptation of this classic adventure story!
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K-5 Play: It Came From the Pet Shop

Directed by Amy Jurkiewicz, Stephanie Couturier, and Tara Kaine.

Show Week Updates:

Heads up on this very important information for next week.
1. We don’t have enough volunteers signed up for next week!
– If we don’t get the spots filled we can’t put the shows or dress rehearsals on  in a way that is safe or fun for the kids. 
– Obviously, that is not an options, so please sign up by Sunday. 
– If every child has a grownup sign up for at least one slot next week, we will be more than adequately staffed. 
Jobs that especially need to be filled:
– A costume lead on Saturday
– Costume Support on Tuesday and Shows
– Greenroom Support on Tuesday and Shows 
2. No more absences or late days. 
– Everyone is called Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 
– Here is a link to the schedule
3. Pick-up & sign out will be in the “Greenroom” hallway 
– From now on.
– Directly above the school lobby
4. Students should arrive to shows an hour early. 
– 6:00pm on Thursday/1:00pm on Saturday
– We will collect them from their classrooms on Friday.
5. Parents please arrive at your scheduled volunteer time. 
– This helps us deliver instructions and allow for set up time before the kids arrive. 
6. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the very diligent volunteers who helped us out over the last week – please remember that the costumes team are all parents. 
7. An even bigger THANK YOU for all the wonderful work your children have put into this show. It looks fantastic, and the kids seem so proud and ready to share it!

Important Documents:

OFF BOOK DAY – Monday, February 27th

Tech Week & Show – Volunteer Sign – Up 

Tech Week Schedule – Actors and Crew

Cast List and Volunteer Schedule

Pet Shop Calendar

It Came from the Pet Shop Official Script (1)

Show Details:

Info Night: December 5th @ 6pm in the Auditorium
Registration Deadline: December 14th
Rehearsals: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Jan 18th –  March 3rd
– Rehearsals include a very informal and fun audition process.
– During rehearsals we are happy to work around conflicts (i.e. if you                         can’t ever be at rehearsals on Fridays.) During TECH, you will be                             expected to skip other conflicts  – see below.
Tech Weeks: Monday to Friday, March 6th – March 15th
– You are expected to be available everyday – although you will                                      probably not be called everyday – It is expected you will skip other                            commitments for the play during this time.
– Thursday, March 16th @ 7pm
– Friday, March 17th @ 1:30pm (School Show)
– Saturday, March 18th @ 2pm


This incredibly funny, wacky, sci-fi comedy was written by our very own 4th – 6th grade writing class last spring.

If you believe in unicorns, or zombies, or adorable zombie unicorns, or that children can change the world. This story is for you. An epic adventure, there are a plethora of interesting and hilarious characters, some are pets and some are people, and some are … well we don’t know what they are. For those older students looking for a challenge, there are some really great complex villain with a heart of gold characters, and there will be a plethora of physical comedy. If you are just starting out, and you are dying to be an alligator on stage for your very first show… we can probably find a way to make that happen! Sign up now for this scary fun adventure, your in for the ride of your life!


Shrek Rehearsal Info

Here you should find all the info you need for cast, crew, and volunteers.

CHANGE!!! Tuesday, November 1st – is no longer an “All Called Day”
– The only students called are those playing Shrek, Donkey, Pinocchio, Pig 1-2-3, Ugly Duckling, Mama-Papa-Baby Bear, Wicked Witch, Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, Peter Pan

Cast/Crew List: This shows your child’s role in the cast or on crew and which weekly rehearsal days they are required to attend until tech.

Scene Lists:
Listed by Scene – which characters & songs are in each scene.
Listed by Actor – which scenes your actor is in.

TECH WEEKS: October 31st to November 10th
* Note many new pickup times! Change day to day.
This shows the schedule for TECH WEEKS in Calendar Form.

Calendar: For cast, crew, and volunteers (updated 10/19/2016)
This shows the schedule for TECH WEEKS – listed by child.
This lists your child’s personal schedule by actor.
(For crew schedule see calendar above).

Music: Please have students practice with the music at home, both with and without the lyrics. (Please note that we have assigned different characters to each line than in the recordings, and some of the lines have been changed slightly).
Click Here To View

Script: We do not have permission to share this electronically. Scripts will be handed out at your child’s next rehearsal.


– November 15th, 16th @ 7:00pm
– November 17th @1:30pm

Shrek The Musical


Beauty is in the eye of the ogre in Shrek The Musical JR., based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film and fantastic Broadway musical.  It’s a “big bright beautiful world” as everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek, leads a cast of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and find true acceptance.  Part romance and part twisted fairy tale, Shrek JR. is an irreverently fun show with a powerful message for the whole family.

With abundant opportunities for imaginative sets and costumes, and a host of over-the-top roles for an expandable cast, there’s a part for everyone in this dazzling adventure story.
To register click here.

Registration Deadline – September 21st

Info Night – September 19th at 6pm  in the Auditorium
– Learn more about the K-8 production process &  ask questions
– Children are welcome to come along but not expected, the meeting is usually about 30 minutes.
Rehearsals – September 26th to November 14th.
– Rehearsals will run Monday to Friday, 3:15 to 5:30.
– Your child will be assigned between  1 and 5 regular rehearsal days.
* You will  select the time commitment that fits your family.
– We aim to support students involvement in other activities.
* If you have a day when you cannot attend rehearsals let us know on your sign in form and we will do our best to accommodate.
– All students are expected to be available Monday – Friday, October 31st – November 14th.
For all the info on casting, and rehearsal schedule click here.
Shows – Tuesday, November 15th at 7pm; Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm; Thursday, November 17th at 1:30pm (School Show).

To register click here.



2016 Drama Committee Meetings

Drama Committee meetings at Grumpy D’s (open until 9pm – which will make sure we are succinct) on the following dates:
Tuesday March 29th at 7pm
– K-5 Post Mortem
– Selecting Plays and Programming for 2016/2017
Tuesday April 19th at 7pm 
– Checking in on Middle School
– Spring Planning
Tuesday May 17th at 7pm
– Middle School Post Mortem
– Hiring for next year
Tuesday June 7th at 7pm
– Drama committee roles
– Summer task list
– Setting committee meetings for 2016/2017

After School Drama Programs

Fall K-8 Production: Horton Halfpott (click for more info)
Directors: Biz Freebairn, Beth Pollack, Erin Broughan


Middle School Playwriting – Grades 6-8

Fee: $155

Dec 4, 6, 11, 13; Jan 22, 24, 29, 31; Feb 5, 7

(Mon & Weds – 3:25-5:15pm, Library)

Winter K-5 Play: Gamed
Written by the 2016 Grades 3-5 Playwrights
Regular Rehearsals: Jan 17 – Mar 2, 2018
Mon, Weds, Fri, 3:25-5:30pm, Auditorium 
Tech Rehearsals and Performance:
All Students, Mon through Fri
March 5-17
Spring Middle School Play
March 19-May 18, 2018
K-2 Creative Drama
April 11-May 23, 2018
Wednesdays, 3:15-5:15pm 
3-5 Playwriting 
May 30-June 13, 2018
Mon, Weds, Fri 3:15-5:15pm Library

Frequently Asked Questions

*** Also please inquire about our next Youth Advisory Committee Meeting.


2016 K-5 Experience

– To sign up fill out the following registration form: K-5 Registration Form
– Registration Deadline January 7th
– Scholarship Application Deadline January 6th
– Directors: Samantha Hecker, Kate Drummond, and Tara Kaine

This year’s K-5 play will be a double bill! This means there are many exciting roles for beginners and strong actors alike!

We are trying out a new format. Because all students who register will be given parts, we are going to fold auditions in to the rehearsal process.   All students registered should come to our first rehearsal on January 11th. More information will be shared at the info night on January 4th @ 6:00pm in the auditorium.

Our main play: “Putting on Romeo and Juliet” was developed by our 2015 play-writing class last spring. It is a hilarious parody honoring the creative chaos we all love about putting on a play, with many silly and fun characters every young actor will find a role to spark their imagination!

Our second play is called “House of Cards” it is a thoughtful play that deals with the negative effects of cliques and power dynamics in schools.


March 24th @ 7pm, 25th @ 9am & 7pm, and 26th @ 2pm.


Sign up for the time commitment that works for you –
– Just For Fun  3:15 – 4:15 PM once a week until TECH (M,W, OR F)
– Medium  3:15 – 5:15 PM once a week until TECH (M,W, OR F)
– Serious  3:15 – 5:15 PM between one and three times a week until TECH (M,W, AND/OR F)
– Crew will be called once a week on a day TBA which is dependent on availability of parent volunteers between 3:15 – 4:00 or 5:15 PM (until TECH )

*We will do our best to accommodate your regular weekly conflicts until TECH & we will set a regular weekly schedule so you know in advance when you child is called.

First week of rehearsals:
(This first week is a little different because we will be casting and deciding roles.)
– Gr. K- 2
Monday, Jan. 11th 3:15 – 4:00pm
Friday, Jan 15th (JFF 3:15 – 4:00pm, M 3:15 – 4:30pm, Other 3:15 – 5:00pm)
– Gr.3 – 5
Monday, Jan. 11th 3:15 – 5:00pm
Wednesday, Jan 13th If your child is in 3 – 5th grade this is their schedule:
– Monday, Jan. 11th 3:15 – 5:00pm
– Wednesday, Jan 13th (JFF 1:15 – 2:00pm, M 1:15 – 2:30pm, Serious 1:15 3:00pm)
– CREW (Gr. 3 – 5)
Monday, Jan 11th 3:15 – 5:00pm

Regular Rehearsals: Jan 20th – March 11
***This will take effect after the first week of rehearsals when we will be assigning roles.
Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday (depending on your schedule, and your availability your child will be called between 1 and 3 regular days a week).
– We will do our best to accommodate regular weekly conflicts if your child is in another after-school activity
(i.e. if you child has a music class on Monday we will call them to rehearsals on Wednesday and/or Friday).
– We will commit to a regular weekly rehearsal schedule for your child (i.e. they will always be called until Wednesday).
– We do ask you clear your students’ schedule for the  last two weeks before the show, our TECH weeks: March 14th – 23rd, and the shows March 24th, 25th, and 26th.
We need all actors to be available for full runs of the show.


To sign up fill out the following registration form:
K-5 Registration Form
Registration is $150, scholarships might be available. Make cheque out to FOSB (make note on the memo line “After School Drama K5 & your child’s name). Please put check in the drama committee mail box in the main office.


Teaching Artists and Directors

Tara Kaine: Teaching Artist, Director, & Salmon Bay After School Drama Coordinator

taraTara is thrilled to continue her work at Salmon Bay after directing “Holes,” and co-directing “The Phantom Tollbooth” and “The Jungle Book.” Tara received her teacher training at the University of Toronto with a specialization in Intermediate Theatre Education in Urban Schools (Grades 6-10). Over the last 9 years she has directed both educational, community, and professional theatre working with with preschool students though elementary, middle school, high school, and adults. Recently Tara Assistant Directed for Theatre Anonymous – 14/48 and New Century Theatre, and over the summer directing youth in Seattle Public Theatre’s “Treasure Island” and  was the associate director for Seattle Children’s Theatre’s “Gulliver’s Travels.”

Duncan Frost: Actor, Director & Teaching Artist


Duncan Frost is originally from Oregon, Duncan has had the good fortune to work as an actor, director and teaching artist with theatres across the country. Before Seattle, Duncan spent 8 years as a MinneSOHtan, working with Children’s Theatre Company and studying acting with the U of M/Guthrie Theatre BFA Actor Training Program, where he received his undergraduate degree. Duncan enjoys kites, snowboarding, the color orange and spending time with his family and their funny little dog, Arthur.

Michael Massey: Stage Manager & Teaching Artist

MichaelMichael Massey is a Stage Manager and Teaching Artist for technical theatre in the Seattle area. Previously, Michael has taught stage management and technical courses with Salmon Bay Middle School, The Northwest School, Cornish, Seattle Children’s Theatre, and UT Austin. Selected stage management credits: Blood/Water/Paint (Live Girls! Theater), Fast Company (Pork Filled Productions) La Fuente Ovejuna (Cornish), The Clay Duke (Dayna Hanson, dir/chor), The Walworth Farce (New Century), James and the Giant Peach and the Production Stage Manager for Summer Season (Seattle Children’s Theatre). Michael holds a BA from The University of Texas at Austin.

After School Drama

Upcoming Classes & Shows:
Fall K-8 Play: Horton Halfpott (Rehearsals Begin September 25th)

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*** Also please inquire about our next Youth Advisory Committee Meeting.