Salmon Bay has a great tradition of volunteerism. Our community is quite unique in how much parents and children contribute. Please consider lending your support to one or more of our ongoing programs.

Volunteering at School

Our volunteer coordinators can always use and extra hand or you may be volunteering in the classroom.

Diversity Committee

Salmon Bay’s Diversity Committee aims to promote and foster an environment that is respectful and affirming of all students, families and staff.

Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee tracks local, state, and national developments in public education. The committee exchanges information, fosters discussion, and participates with the greater PTA legislative efforts to enhance public education.

Garden Committee

The gardening committee maintains and improves our grounds through four to five family-friendly work parties on various Saturdays from 10-1pm.

Salmon Bay Bikes

The biking committee sponsors several activities throughout the year in support of alternative modes of transportation to school.

Weekly Bulletins

List of weekly bulletins.