FOSB’s SED Committee Presents: Conversations from Seth Perler’s TEFOS (The Executive Functioning Online Summit)

The FOSB’s Special Education and Disability (SED) Committee will be hosting viewings of Seth Perler’s TEFOS (The Executive Function Online Summit) every other week beginning on October 6.

TEFOS was a free, online summit that ran in August 2021, featuring leading experts in education, pediatric psychology, neuroscience, and parent coaching who offer information and strategies to support kids who struggle with Executive Functioning (which includes planning & organization, emotional regulation, homework, attention and more).

From the TEFOS website:

Parents often say, ‘I just want my child to be happy and successful,’ but knowing how to help a child who is struggling can be completely baffling, especially if they resist help. So if your child struggles with the skills needed to get important school and life stuff done, and you’re proactive, join our FREE 3-Day Online Immersion event, and learn exceptional strategies, from leading experts who ‘get’ outside-the-box kids and Executive Function. These are not your typical ‘parenting tips’, they are unconventional, practical, and can revolutionize how you support your child. And yes, teachers, therapists, grandparents and others are welcome.”

FOSB’s SED Committee purchased access and additional viewing licenses to share this incredible lineup of speakers with our school community. We’ve selected some of our favorites to share with the Salmon Bay community. More info on the TEFOS Summit and a complete list of experts and topics can be found here.

All viewings will begin at 7:00pm and will be followed by a short discussion with those who attend. Zoom links will be provided closer to the date. Check back here.

October 6: Seth Perler, M.Ed. (Executive Function, 2e, ADHD Coach, “A Roadmap to Change: How to Guide Young People from EF Struggles to Greater Success” Learn more about Seth

October 19: Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy & Psychology, Founder of The MEHRIT Centre and Self-Reg Global. “Self-Regulation, How to Reframe Ideas Effectively to Support Executive Functioning.” Learn more about Stuart 

November 3: Mona Delahooke, Ph.D. (Pediatric Psychologist, Author), “Executive Function from the Ground UP: Understanding the Role of Physiological State Regulation in Relationships” 
Learn more about Mona

December 1: Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP(Pediatric Psychologist), “From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation: Executive Function Skills to Help Your Overwhelmed and Anxious Kid”
Learn more about Dr. Ann-Louise.

January 19: Emily Kircher-Morris, M.A., M.Ed., LPC (Neurodiversity Podcast, Author, Counselor), “It’s Okay to Stop and Ask for Directions: Helping Kids Learn to Self-Advocate for Accommodations with Executive Functioning Struggles”Learn more about Emily.

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