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Minutes – 2017/18

FOSB Meeting Date: 10/12/2017

Meeting begins: 7:05pm

Meeting ends:  8:10pm

Co-chairs present: Scott Koch and Alessandra Pollock

Secretary present:  Maria Anguiano

Treasurers present: Jennifer Pheifer, Shelley Rousseau

Other Directors: Margaret Bradshaw, Mary Ulrich, Jodi Russell, Kristina Cerise, Tracy Wilson, Renee Palermo

FOSB Members Present (see attached sign-in sheet)

Meeting Detail:


Scott provided a quick recap of the following:

  • Thank you to Veraci for this years’ “Pizza on the Playground” event.
  • Voting for new directors will take place in November
  • Currently working on a childcare system for FOSB events in coordination with COHO. Two weeks prior to an event/meeting, a sign-up will be distributed to parents with a suggested donation of $5/child.
  • During this evening’s meeting, attendees participated in creating hands for the “Direct Giving Campaign” art on the main school entrance wall.

Teacher Spotlight:

Brea and Talia updated their current class curriculum including a new literacy approach adopted from the Center for Collaborative Classroom and a balls and ramps science unit.

Administration’s Report (Darren Frink):

The school is focusing on safety during the month of October. He also provided some insight into what “alternative education” meant to him with examples of the most recent 4th grade trip and collaborative learning in groups. Darren also mentioned this year’s middle school transition has been challenging and asked parents to be more aware of their child’s needs. Finally, 8th grade Teacher Assistants (TAs) were being incorporated into K-2 classrooms, with 2 TAs per semester with the goal to build better relationships and serve younger kids with additional help.

Volunteer Coordinator (Jodi Russell):

  • Camp fees have risen for the Spring due to increased overall cost.
  • Elementary students pay an enrichment fee of $100 each year and covers the cost of field trips, artists in residence, and other activities selected by the classroom teacher.
  • Middle school students take part in a Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) that offers a choice of activities that generally occur during the school day on six consecutive Fridays in the winter (e.g. skiing/snowboarding, Tour of Seattle, jewelry making, rowing, theater arts). WEP fees for middle school students vary depending on the program selected.
  • Last year, elementary students partook in WEP and will continue again this year. This allows students to explore something different that interests them. Elementary students will have 3-week session.
  • Halloween parade will be at 2 pm.
  • Directory is currently in process with an expected November release
  • Jodi will be out of the office for 2 weeks beginning week of October 16.

Video Production Exploratory (Kevin Junker):

Seeking funding for 1-2 photo/video equipment systems for his classroom with a cost range of $1800 – $2200 per system. Using video production with students allows them to focus on a different area and/or form of gravitating to reading/writing. Assists with linear thinking such as story-telling. Develops social skills through collaborative effort and increased communication skills, allowing for different forms of engagement.


Auction (Shelby Reynolds):

This year’s theme is “Bon Voyage: A Travel Around the World.” Most major roles have been filled but we are seeking participants who have not participated before. We are also using a more digital platform to plan, communicate and market. Procurement letters will be mailed soon. This will be a fun and engaging event.

Direct Giving Campaign (Mary Ulrich):

Mary introduced the direct giving campaign, which runs the first week of October through Thanksgiving. Our goal is $75,000 and the theme is “Many Hands.” Online Giving link can be shared with family and friends.

Finance (Jennifer Pheifer and Shelley Rousseau):

A rough estimate is provided today since the Finance committee last met in February. Finance and budget meetings should be scheduled more often to provide better accountability. Thus far, we have been averaging $50 – $60 thousand in rollover funding per year with $15 thousand in reserve. The question arose as to why budget goals were not reversed to avoid detrimental budget cuts as we did recently with the Seattle Public School system. The committee states we have a fiduciary responsibility for this money to be spent quickly and more efficiently, including the request made by Kevin Junker for photo equipment so teachers do not have to outsource and resort to crowd-funding options.

After School Program:

We’re still looking for someone interested in helping with after-school coordination. This is a very flexible, work-from home position creating online sign-up sheets and various other tasks that can be accomplished remotely. Ideally, such a person might take over in the future and keep our ASP strong.

  • This year’s drama will be November 14, 15 & 16

Garden (Danielle Steele):

We’re planning a fall clean-up of the westside of the school on November 4th, 9 am – 2 pm, which will include moving mulch and weeding.


“Kids & Race: Changing the Narrative” event October 26th, 6:30 – 8 pm in the School Auditorium.

Rock FOSB:

Will be taking a break until additional capacity is sought out or volunteers sign-up to coordinate.

Friday Sing:

We need your feedback so please answer an upcoming survey.

Meeting Respectfully Submitted by Maria Anguiano


FOSB Meeting Date: 9/14/2017

Meeting begins: 7:05pm

Meeting ends:  7:30pm

Co-chairs present: Scott Koch and Alessandra Pollock

Secretary present: 

Treasurers present:  

Other Directors: Amy Paguirigan, Audra Gallegos, Margaret Bradshaw, Mary Ulrich, Jodi Russell, Kristina Cerise, Tracy Wilson, Renee Palermo

FOSB Members Present (see attached sign-in sheet)

VOTING SUMMARY: (Quorum verified (see above))

Item Outcome
Secretary, Erika Whitehead Approved


Meeting Detail:

Principal Presentation (Neil)

Neil showed pictures of Jumpstart for Kindergarteners and the 7th and 8th grade team days at Cottage Lake.  

Neil showed a visual that explained Salmon Bay funding and explained the value of flexible funding for supporting school staffing and resources.

Volunteer Coordinator (Jodi Russell)

Newsletter update

Dates for Diversity Committee, Drama Committee info night, Comedy Night for parents

Connect with Jodi for opportunities:

  • Pizza on the Playground
  • Dinner for staff on 9/25
  • Data Entry

Jodi is dedicated to finding the right place for each family to plug in.

Direct Giving Campaign (Mary Ulrich)

Mary introduced the direct giving campaign, which runs the first week of October through Thanksgiving. Our goal is $75,000 and the theme is “Many Hands.” We are having donation Fridays there will be some swag and it is a lot of fun. We need people to help on Fridays, with a wall decoration.

Committee Reports
Scott covered the other committees that Jodi didn’t touch on.

Meeting Respectfully Submitted by Alessandra Pollock

Minutes – 2016/17

Draft Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

1 June 1, 2017

See also Agenda

Scott asked for general members to raise their hands – counted 27 non-Directors

Shelley introduced budget discussion

Budget Discussion

  • See FOSB Fiscal Year 2018 budget (2017-18)
  • Shelley addressed virtually every line
  • Line 39 – Elementary WEP and Sing – SB is matching
  • Ian asked if Drama budget preceded Tara leaving – but after-school drama is a different budget altogether
  • Neil answered a question about Whole Child Support Funds, specifically how it is that the funds enable cost-savings for hiring.
    • Neil noted that the situation has changed for the better, and some of the funds might be reallocated
    • Question: Will we know to where it was reallocated?
      A: Yes
  • Question about restricted spending
    A: Shelley said yes, will be looking to spend those funds
  • Q: Will Elementary WEP ultimately be self-funding (through parent payment)?
    A: (Neil) Not yet
    (Shelley, Jodi) intent is for every student to have access to the activities they want to do
  • Passed


  • Still need a secretary
  • Vote – passed


Slate for 2017-18:

Elementary Co-chair: Scott Koch           

Middle School Co-chair: Alessandra Pollock                

Elementary Treasurer: Jen Snorsky Phiefer

Middles School Treasurer: Shelley Rousseau

Secretary: TBD


Amy Paguirigan                                  Renee Palermo

Ian Whyte                                            Jackie Solorzano

Chris Whitehead                                  Jen Phieffer

Tracy Wilson                                      Danielle Steele

Jodi Russell                                         Audra Gallegos

Margaret Bagshaw                              Kristina Cerise

Dan Fiorito                                          Katie White

Jon Lisbin


Voted, passed



Many of the members who had come to vote left


Announced donation from former parent to fund Middle School writing



Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017

Meeting begins: 7:05 PM

Meeting ends: 8:07 PM

Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla

VOTING SUMMARY: (Quorum verified by Jeannie – 12 Directors present out of 20)

  • April 2017 Meeting Minutes APPROVED
  • Maestroweb year round funding APPROVED

Welcome – Danielle and Scott

FOSB Officers Slate for 2017-18

Alessandra Pollock (MS Co-Chair) and Jen Phiefer (Elem. Treasurer) added to the slate of officers. Jon Lisbin added to the slate of directors. We will vote on the slate of officers at the next meeting.

Voting on Meeting Minutes

April 2017 Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve minutes. Motion seconded. Scott verified vote count for APPROVAL of April 2017 meeting minutes.

Principal Update – Neil

Just interviewed for first grade teacher – 3 candidates. In the process of voting on MS science teacher.

Bike to school month going well. Camping season upon us – 3rd already went. 2nd and 5th grade go next week. Nice turnout for the garden and school work party.

Volunteer Coordinator Update – Jodi

1)  READ the Bulletin. It’ll have all the year-end info

2)  Have elementary photos? – send them now for yearbook inclusion

3)  Camp and enrichment fees due now. Information was emailed.

4)  Thank you to work party volunteers. We have another scheduled for May 2th

5)   Year-end event volunteer sign-ups coming soon. Thanks in advance for volunteering.

6)  Thank you to everyone who participated in staff appreciation. Everyone loved their meals, treats and plants! The staff truly felt appreciated and I loved how many individuals came together to make it happen. Salmon Bay parents are the best!


Friends of Ingraham General Meeting and Social – May 25, 2017: Will your student attend Ingraham High School in the fall? Friends of Ingraham (FOI), our parent-teacher organization, invites you to the Granite Curling Club at 7 p.m., Thursday, May 25, to have a drink on us. You’ll meet other Ingraham parents, learn how to help our community thrive, and maybe get on the ice for curling. (If you do, wear soft shoes and loose, warm clothes.) Refreshments provided; adults only, please. Granite Curling Club, 1440 N. 128th St., Seattle, near Ingraham. Directions: Questions:

Committee Reports

  • Almost have a full auction committee for next year. There will be an auction meeting before the end of the year if you are still interested in joining.
  • Bike to school month is underway. Volunteer to help on Fridays.
  • Direct giving committee had a meeting this week. Mary will be making a list of the jobs to do.
  • PIE is looking for new topics for next year, especially for the October event.
  • Still looking for someone to lead Rock for FOSB.
  • Possibly two tiered bussing next year which won’t really affect K-8 schools.


Voting on Maestroweb

Keep the Maestroweb website “on” year round. The additional cost is $374 + tax ($698 vs $1068). This would allow FOSB to use the Maestroweb for donations year round and could also be used to collect balances post auction for parties. Recommended by the FOSB accountant Jerri Harden. Motion:  A motion to approve the year-round Maestroweb with an additional fee of $374. Motion seconded. Vote counted by Scott to verify APPROVAL of motion.

Meeting Adjourned 8:07 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary


April 20, 2017

Meeting begins: 7:05 PM

Meeting ends: 8:09 PM

Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla

VOTING SUMMARY: (Quorum verified by Jeannie – 12 Directors present out of 20)

  • December 2016 and January and March 2017 Meeting Minutes APPROVED.

Welcome and Introductions – Danielle and Scott

Voting on Meeting Minutes

December 2016 and January and March 2017 Meeting Minutes –

Motion to approve minutes. Motion seconded. Danielle verified count for APPROVAL of Dec 2016 and Jan and March 2017 meeting minutes.

Teacher Update – Cody (special education math)

6th grade is in a geometry unit and doing testing prep for SBAC. 7th grade working on two-step equations. 8th graders doing exponential growth.

Principal Update – Neil

Parents who are interested in serving as a parent rep should send letter of interest according to BLT by-laws to Neil Gerrans.

Work party coming up May 6th at Salmon Bay. Please come and join in. Work likely to include gardening and some interior building work.

Testing coming up next week. The budget process was not ideal this year. The district restored much of the funding, similar to 2015-16 budget. Salmon Bay will add a split K-1 classroom.

Volunteer Coordinator Update – Jodi

Successful auction is over! Any feedback about the auction can be sent to Jodi. Poetry night and Science Fair next week. Camps for elementary and 8th graders coming up. Bike to School month coming up and needs some volunteers. Jodi needs some help with class photo day.

Full year calendar coming out electronically in the next week. Kindergarten Welcome night on May 25th. Jodi needs families to host kindergarten play dates at Salmon Bay playground over the summer.

Election and Leadership

Looking for positions for elementary treasurer, secretary, and middle school co-chair.

Slate for 2017-18

Elementary Co-chair: Scott Koch       MS Treasurer: Shelley Rousseau



Amy Paguirigan

Renee Palermo

Ian Whyte

Jackie Solorzano

Chris Whitehead

Jen Phieffer

Tracy Wilson

Danielle Steele

Jodi Russell

Audra Gallegos

Kristina Cerise

Dan Fiorito

Katie White

Margaret Bagshaw

Treasurers Report

Budget making its rounds through the committee members and will be published next Friday in the bulletin. We will vote on it during the May FOSB meeting.

Volunteers needed for most committees. Talk to Danielle or Scott if you are interested in participating in a committee.

Lobby Update- Sherri

Committee plans to meet in May to continue work on the lobby.

Meeting Adjourned 8:09 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary

Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2017


Meeting begins: 7:20 PM

Meeting ends: 8:15 PM


Co-chair present: Danielle Steele

Secretary present: Ian Whyte (taking minutes) for Jeannie Cziesla



7:30-7:40 Introduction Danielle  
7:40-7:50 Teacher Update Brian/Megan  
7:50-8:05 Admin Update Neil/Darren  
8:05-8:15 Budget Vote Part 1 Michele  
8:15-8:25 Volunteer Coordinator Jodi  
8:25-8:30 BLT John  
8:30-8:40 Committee Reports    
8:40-8:55 Votes    
8:55-9:00 Wrap up    


Introduction – Danielle

Great ArtWalk acknowledged

Rock For FOSB – Kim – Thank you note passed around

Teacher Update

Nancy Gruber


Lodge Mom

Amazing season

Great parent support

Rock solid, flexible

Useful volunteers

Nancy’s Class

Busy post-WEP


Strong momentum into spring

Admin Update – Neil

Middle School Camp

At community meeting, discussed fact that there will be no 7th grade camp next fall 

What should alternative experience be if no camp


College prep

Tent camping

Ropes courses

(14 months out for implementation for spring)

Small groups throughout or come back together at end

6th graders – timing


Down 2.5 if levy cliff

Levy cliff legislation restores those funds

New tech rollout

Maintain staff that is right structure

Staff-heavy budget PTO request

300k from levy, more numbers


Staff to choose between two different options

End of March will know more

Budget – Shelley Rousseau

2 docs: FOSB Rollover Cash, Budget vs. Actuals


Suggest offer 120k grant to admin

Neil – asked for 115

Committee met once a week ago

Conservative strategy

Consistent budget input to committees

Meet once more, then budget

Danielle – this month for Neil, next month for FOSB budget


– no obligation for amount – okay to change if circumstances necessitate

actual cost versus average cost

Grants fund younger teachers therefore can stretch $

Kristine – does this grant make school whole?

Neil – 450k gap

Jennifer – where is 120k coming from?

Shelley – showed where it’s coming from on FOSB Rollover Cash

Kristine – more drilldown

Neil – more specs

Danielle – time to vote

120 or 115

Neil – 115

Jennifer move to vote on budget for whole child

Amy seconded


Everybody approved, motion passed


Noted – Teacher Kim is here


PIE – Michelle

Cost of speakers is up, also childcare

500 short

requesting $420 to keep next event includes pizza part

Kristine: Do we need pizza?

Ian –  worthwhile, morale

Darren – could you (Michelle) speak to the event

Michelle – rites of passage, wilderness

Ian – Coho and 2-house families

Jennifer – if pizza, request Veracci

Neil – schwag helps morale

Danielle – diversity committee experience & incentives

Shelley – for event, setup a signup genius – RSVPs by march 15

Jennifer – motion to give PIE requested amount


All present approve except for 3 abstentions

Diversity Committee

Events went well (2?)

20 March Event

Facilitated by families of color

Perceptions of race

Asking for more money for food

Jennifer moves to give diversity committee

Michelle seconded


All present approved except for for one abstention

Auction – Erica Tobel

Venue, rental of equipment, food

Venue price has gone up

Challenging acoustics

DJ could supply supplemental speakers

Keeping attention (dj would facilitate)

Asking $1475 for dj

Location lets us bring food

Dan – dj is marketing

Darren – theme requires dance, dj facilitates

Danielle bumped amt to 1500

Dan moved to vote for allocation

Neil seconded

Unanimously approved

Volunteer Coordinator – Jodi

Kids excited to share experiences

Glass blowers gushing

Surveys and evaluation for parents

WEP, artwalk done, yes!

March very busy


Watch maxing people out with dense calendar

PI day – Tuesday

K-5 play

Spring bookfair

Secret garden brings books


Erica is working hard

Kristina procurement



Pump it up


Party hosts

Game nights


Bulletin, email blasts

Signups – day of, in bulletin

8 am til the hour before start

Fund-a-need – staffing – video?

Artwalk – consensus success

Jennifer – great cookies


Legislative Committee

Senate voted last night not to go over levy cliff

House voted this morning

Funding debate will now ensue

Scott and Ian could use help

Next Year

Danielle stepping down


9 PM Meeting adjourned

Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017


Meeting begins: 7:05 PM

Meeting ends: 8:03 PM


Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla


VOTING SUMMARY: (Quorum verified by Jeannie – 13 Directors present out of 20)

  • June, October and November 2016 Meeting Minutes APPROVED.
  • $7,000 allocated for stage area improvements APPROVED
  • $150 allocated to ASB for a Middle School Girls self-defense course APPROVED


Welcome and Introductions – Danielle and Scott


Voting on June, October and November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve minutes. Motion seconded. Danielle verified count for APPROVAL of June, October and November 2016 meeting minutes.

BLT Update

Finished the Continuous School Improvement Plan.


Work Party

Work party to empty out one of the shipping containers on the playground scheduled for January 26th. We need about 5-6 people. Look for Sign-Up Genius in the Friday bulletin.

Teacher Update

Jenny, new kindergarten teacher. Tomorrow is the first day of elementary WEP. She taught kindergarten for many years in California before coming to Salmon Bay.

Jennifer, 6th grade Language Arts teacher. Working on organizing structure for short stories. Working in small groups, developing characters.

Admin Update – Neil and Darren

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter Enrichment Program (WEP), for elementary and middle school. Various activities going on in the school building with the elementary kids tomorrow. Jodi has been working hard to get the WEP programs organized and running.

Large budget deficit in the Seattle School District. Neil waiting to hear final numbers. School tours starting soon. Volunteers needed for tours. Just hired new Special Ed teacher.

Volunteer Coordinator – Jodi

Lots of volunteer opportunities for elementary WEP. Contact Jodi if you can help. Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping with the various activities at school. Consider ways to reach out to someone who might want to come help volunteer with one of the many activities at school. Jodi met with ASB to review the winter block party.

School tours coming up at the end of January and February. Check out the bulletin for dates and to sign up to help.

Restaurant Thackery in Wallingford requested we do a Salmon Bay night on January 22. Mariners contacted Jodi about a community night. Jodi will follow up with Mariners about dates and prices for tickets. See Friday bulletins for details of upcoming events.


Committee Updates

Budget Committee first meeting on February 28th. Fiscal planning for next year. Want people to commit to coming at least 3 times- Meeting dates: 2/28, 3/7, and 3/21, and possible 4/18 if needed. Meet at school 7-9 PM.

Diversity Committee: Potluck on February 16 and MLK March from Garfield High School on Monday, January 16 at 11 AM.

PIE Event: Mindfulness Workshop February 6 and 13. Taught by Jeannie Cziesla and Andrea D’Asaro. Come to one or both.

Rock for FOSB is Sunday, 1/29/17 at Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Doors open at 5 PM and show starts at 6 PM.

Focus Day, Monday, January 16 in Olympia. Sign up for carpooling on the FOSB website. Rally on front steps at 10:30 AM

If you’re interested in helping with direct giving for next year, contact Mary Ullrich.

Need help with Lobby Redevelopment committee. Contact Shari Heege if you’d like to help.



Motion to allocate $7,000 to improve the stage area of the auditorium, including rear projection screen and some rewiring for safety issues. Motion seconded.  Unanimous APPROVAL. Vote counted by Scott.

Motion to approve $150 for a ASB Self Defense Class (half the cost of the class), Middle School Girls Program. Motion seconded. Vote APPROVED. Vote counted by Danielle.


Meeting Adjourned 8:03 PM


Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary




Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2016


Meeting begins: 7:20 PM (at Danielle Steele’s house)

Meeting ends: 8:15 PM


Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla



Welcome and Introductions – Danielle and Scott


Dan Fiorito – Bylaws Summary

To make changes to by-laws we need a 2/3 by the current directors. Dan talked about how we want to move forward with any changes to the by-laws. We have two election cycles, so we have two membership meetings each year, and then an annual meeting in May, as well as 6 board meetings. Dan will meet with Danielle and Scott to review by-laws. If anybody else wants to join the discussion on by-laws contact Dan Fiorito. Changes being considered include naming the meetings and the indicating when those meetings take place, as well as naming the executive committees.  The goal is to make the by-laws understandable to anyone. Dan would like to take some time at the retreat to discuss the by-laws. Retreat will be end of January or early February – date to be released soon.


Jodi – Volunteer Coordinator Update

Directory is out – electronic and paper copy. Jodi is working with families who are in need in our community around the holidays. Jodi will post the requests in the bulletin. Big volunteer opportunities coming up with WEP – drivers, chaperones, other assistance needed. Volunteer needs will posted in the bulletin.


Middle School dance coming on Dec. 16th. Faye Baker will help set up lantern festival starting on Thursday, Dec. 15. The lantern festival is the morning of Friday, Dec. 16, and the evening lantern festival is on the same day at Salmon Bay Park at 6:30 PM. ASB is interested in having a self-defense program. They might submit a proposal to request some money from FOSB.

Scott – Committee Updates

Rock for FOSB has been scheduled for 1/29/17 at the Tractor Tavern. Given the latest education budget information that was released today, it is important to attend Focus Day in Olympia on 1/16/17.


Scott is talking to Neil about getting an amount regarding stage improvements. We will likely vote on the stage funding at the next meeting.



Meeting Adjourned 8:15 PM


Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,


Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary



Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2016

Meeting begins: 7:10 PM

Meeting ends: 9:00 PM

Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla

VOTING SUMMARY: (Quorum verified by Jeannie – 14 Directors present out of 20)

Motion APPROVED to allocate previous funding for Mary Kay ($25,000) for two purposes: Use $5,000 for Friday Sing and $15,000 to support a K-5 WEP program.

Welcome and Introductions – Danielle and Scott

Teacher Update

Talia, 3rd grade teacher, and Amy, 1st grade teacher, highlighted their classes science programs.

Volunteer Coordinator – Jodi

Book Fair this weekend at University of Washington.  The directory will go to the printer next week.  Photos from classrooms and school events are needed for the yearbook. See Friday’s bulletin for upcoming events.

Mayor Murray visit to FOSB Meeting speaking about Seattle’s education investment. Q&A followed mayor’s short presentation.

Budget 101 – Michelle and Shelley

Presentation of Fiscal Year 2017 budget (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017). Total income is $232,069, which includes rollover cash on hand of $63,934. Expenses total $232,069 and include FOSB Administration, Committees, Program Support, All School Support, Academic Support Grants, and Reserves.

Principal Update

K-8 WEP:  Talking about the idea of having K-5 activities at the school. Broken into K-2 grade groups and 3-5 grade groups. Six week unit just like Middle School WEP. Teachers working with parents to lead a unit. Also supplement teacher/parent units with artists in residence. Aiming for class sizes of 15 or less. This year funding for elementary WEP would be funded by the school.

VOTE: Motion to allocate previous funding for Mary Kay ($25,200) for two purposes: Use $5,000 for Friday Sing  and $15,000 to support a K-5 WEP program. Motion seconded. Unanimous APPROVAL. Vote counted by Danielle.

Committee Reports

Summary of committee reports in agenda.

Direct Giving: We’re at $42,000 and have two weeks to go.

Diversity Committee: Multicultural Potluck on February 16.

We need help with leading the auction. Contact Danielle or Scott or Jodi if you are interested.

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary

November Agenda

Friends of Salmon Bay (FOSB) Board Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016

Meeting begins: 7:10 PM

Meeting ends: 8:45 PM

Co-chairs present: Danielle Steele and Scott Koch

Secretary present: Jeannie Cziesla


Vote APPROVED for allocating spending of playground funds (from upper field funds) and leftover Playground Project, totaling $8,951.77.

Vote APPROVED for sending a letter to Mayor Murray about traffic hazards at 15th Ave NW and 70th and 67th Streets.

Welcome and Introductions – Danielle and Scott and attendees

Hi-Life Fundraiser

Go to Hi-Life on Wednesday, November 2nd – 8:30 AM until close and 25% of all food sales go to library funding. See menu at

Teacher Update

Dave Middleton – 3rd grade teacher

Great start to year. Project on plant growth and development. Just had field trip at Oxbow Farm – learned about pollination. Graphing growth of plants on time series graph.

Melanie – Recap of 6th grade and two 7th/8th grade team camps (Olympic and Cascade Teams). Slide show of all three groups. Sixth grade goes to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island. Olympic Team goes to Tall Timbers. Cascade Team went to Mt. St. Helens. Helps kids get to know each other, especially new 6th graders coming in to Salmon Bay from other schools.

Linda – Librarian

Very busy fall! Linda will be calling for volunteers soon. If you’re interested in volunteering in the library let Linda or Jodi Russell know. Linda is trying to get more middle school kids into the library. Several middle school Language Arts classes have come to the library this year. Linda is working on legislative advisory with media literacy with the State of Washington.

Admin Update – Neil and Darren

Good start to the school year. Several new hires. Playground repairs needed. Will be repaired by the District. Water fountain has been a great addition to the playground (funded by FOSB). Friday Sing’s new format going well – helping to build community and connection. Gettings bids for upgrades to the stage lighting, new screen, and electrical upgrades. Now ¾ art and ¼ drama/music for elementary. Halls are starting to reflect all the art going on in elementary and middle school.

Volunteer Coordinator – Jodi

Elementary costume parade on Monday, October 31. Middle school dance is coming up, probably early November. Book Fair Nov. 4-6th at UW Bookstore. If you have not filled out paperwork this year, please contact Jodi to get the required paperwork. Paperwork must be filled out each year. **Looking for someone to help with the elementary yearbook. Directory should be out by November before conferences. Will be available as PDF and paper copy. Just turned in Ballard Market receipts and will be getting a check for $1,000. Chinook Books are available in the Volunteer Coordinator office.

Building Leadership Team (BLT) Update – John

Working on the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), required by the District. Building on reading at grade level and math at grade level. Hoping to add CSIP goal around writing. CSIP due Nov. 15 to the District. Talk about adding a goal around school climate.

District survey regarding 2016-17 school year 20-minute additional time. Complete survey at

Committee Reports

After School Program: If you have any ideas for an upcoming program contact Monica or Jodi in the next couple of weeks.

Drama: Musical Shrek K-8 starting Tuesday 11/15 – Thursday 11/17.

Diversity Committee: Looking for additional people to help with the committee.

PIE: Nothing lined up for speakers yet – let Michelle know if you have any ideas. Looking for parents of younger kids to get involved.

Rock for FOSB: Final date and location to be determined.

Legislative: Next SPS board meeting is November 2

Direct Giving: Goal is to raise $75,000 by November 18. Several ways to donate: check, online, company matching, payment schedule. Drive by donation next Friday – need volunteers!

Auction: Need some volunteers to help Erica with various aspects of auction. Auction is April 1.

By-Laws: Dan Fiorito working on clarifying the by-laws (not changing them).

Finance: Budget 101 at next meeting.

VOTING (Quorum verified):

Motion to authorize unrestricting funds for upper field maintenance ($3,818.26) and move to a Playground Maintenance fund and to use leftover funds from Playground Project ($5,133.51). All funds available for playground maintenance. Motion Seconded. VOTE: APPROVED. Counted by Scott.

Motion to send letter as read at the meeting to Mayor Murray about traffic hazards at 15th Ave NW and 67th St. and 15th and 70th. Motion seconded. VOTE: APPROVED. Counted by Scott.

Meeting Adjourned 8:45 PM

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by,

Jeannie Cziesla

FOSB Secretary